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And we fight on; a few links that brought a smile

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  • William Moral Greene
    I smile as I think about the question of Why YOU Private Attorneys General must join the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2009
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      I smile as I think about the question of Why YOU "Private Attorneys General" must join the lawsuit,


      but a little search offered me the opportunity to see that others are posting on our behalf



      See the "LAW OF THE LAND" by William M. Greene at



      And we even found that we made Quatloos



      And that brought a laugh which I obviously choose to share, keeping in mind of course that the owner of Quatloos was a part of the Senate Finance Committee Meeting which is outlined in our suit in terms of the Treasonous act of suppression of evidence[1] submitted to that same Senate Finance Committee Meeting which included a copy of Sen. Inouye's letter which reads in part:


      "…I am writing in further response to your inquiry regarding the precise provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (IRS [sic]) that render an individual liable for income taxes…Based on the research performed by the Congressional Research Service, there is no provision which specifically and unequivocally requires an individual to pay income taxes."


      And following which at the press conference held at the US Treasury Building, organized by the US Treasury Department and IRS, Mr. Terry Lemons, a senior spokesman for the IRS stated, in response to a question put to him by David Cay Johnston of The New York Times as to why the Government had not responded to the petitions and questions regarding the legality of the income tax system as applied, "We are answering those petitions through enforcement actions."


      And if you think that these people are not warring against the Constitution, consider David Cay Johnston's article reported in the September 17, 2003 publication of The New York Times which presented the IRS' retaliation against our First Amendment Right to Petition this way:


      "Later, an I.R.S. senior spokesman, Terry L. Lemons, said that courts had upheld the validity of the tax laws and that the agency did not want to waste time and resources dealing with well-settled issues. Mr. Lemons added that the recent spate of enforcement actions taken by the I.R.S. against promoters of abusive tax schemes, and the new agreement with the states, show other ways that government is answering the petition."


      Anyway, that's just a few of my thoughts for tonight.




      [1] See Statement Submitted to Senate Finance Committee, "Taxpayer Beware: Schemes, Scams and Fraud." April 5, 2001, Submitted by Robert L. Schulz, Chairman, We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education, Inc. (http://www.givemeliberty.org/spotlights/PressKit-04-05-01.pdf)


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