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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Ya gota see this one!!!

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    *Title 26 doesn t NEED to be enacted into positive law in order to be prima facie evidence of the law. If any code section is not correct by comparison with
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 21, 2009
      Title 26 doesn't NEED to be enacted into positive law in order to be prima facie evidence of the law.  If any code section is not correct by comparison with the underlying statute, the statute in the Statutes at Large applies instead. 

      What we need is tax ENFORCEMENT reform and a proper application of the Administrative Procedure Act and the Federal Register Act so that the IRS/Treasury/DOJ/judiciary do not run roughshod over the actual law and misapply both the law and the regulations of 26 CFR, most of which are not substantive regulations with the force and effect of law.

      The Constitution clearly restricts the legislative jurisdiction of Congress to the enumerated powers listed therein, most of which are in Article I, Section 8.

      The jurisdiction of federal courts is also limited, but people have been fooled into accepting their jurisdiction.

      My personal opinion is that no reform will ever take place in the normal legislative way because the fix is too firmly in.  The way to reform is for massive numbers of people to peacefully revolt by just ceasing to file tax returns and pay taxes.  They already KNOW they are being screwed out of their money.  And then that money is spend on unnecessary wars and boondoggle projects and ripped off by big banking interests, operating through their shills inside the government.  Check to see how many Secretaries of the Treasury have come from Goldman Sachs and other big banks in the recent few administrations.

      If you don't like your children and grandchildren being indebted for trillions of "bailout" and "stimulus" dollars being given to big banks and even being transferred to European banks, don't bother writing your congressman and senators, they won't do anything.   (Ron Paul would, if he could.)  Think of how easy it is to do nothing about income taxes and how effective twenty or thirty million people doing that kind of nothing would be.

      On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Greg Knapp <gknapp@...> wrote:

      You are obviously new and haven't read the archives, or you are suffering from Cognitive Disodence. If after reading the Constitution and the Laws of the United States, particularly Title 26 (I know it hasen't been enacted into Postive Law!), you may conclude that Tax Reform is unneccessary for you! And after reading a year or two of archives of this list, you may conclude that you are living in a land where the Fantasy of Freedom is much more operative than the actuality. In either case, TAX REFORM (whatever that is!) is totally unnessary!

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