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FW: [tips_and_tricks] State frivolous return

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  • dave
    Ok..Lets start at the top. You are witnessing the fruit of the tree of evil. Jahshuwah says you will know the tree by the first piece of rotten fruit. Right
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      Ok….Lets start at the top. You are witnessing the fruit of the tree of evil.  Jahshuwah says you will know the tree by the first piece of rotten fruit. Right now you KNOW the evil tree is a federal government and what you THINK is a totally independent state. Armed with the “tree of knowledge” I would declare myself independent by going to legal bear resources, or check out SEDM website or www.edrivera.com or paycheckfor privacy….etc.


      OK…so maybe you’re not ready for the above? Let’s answer your other comments….


      Of course your remedy is a tax court! When the slaves were freed in the south the slaves asked the plantation owners, “Am I really free?” What do you think the plantation owners told them? Answer: “No….you are an N-word”.


      Since you are probably thinking you were born a “t-word” …aka one-word “TAXPAYER”….and since you think you have an obligation to “comply voluntarily”, I will address what you say within that ADMINISTRATIVE box.


      Frankly….your State is trying to get you to VOLUNTEEER $500. That’s it!! Big deal…they put a fancy word called “ASSESS” on it. I’ll assess you $500 too if you wish….so will legal bear.


      All states are REALLY federal. They ALL go by the federal definitions. You’ll find it in the code for your state. ALL “states” are federal mini-me’s….period.


      Here it is in steps:

      ·         Find the link in your state law…it’ll be something that income is defined as what you put on a 1040 form…or words that income means same thing as 26USC. Parrot it back.

      ·         Write the State GOVENOR [why? Because he heads up state executive office who heads up tax depts.] and tell him, “Your job as one of the government employee’s is to accept unless you can refute with factual evidence. One of your taxation employees refuses to accept my statement of truth in the form of a return filed under penalty of perjury--but presents nothing signed to counter--yet claims I am to be penalized for telling same truth. I am writing the IRS and directing them to respond to you. I enclose the letter I wrote them whereby it discusses the amended return and its effect; I enclose an affidavit of mailing by a dis-interested 3rd party showing proof I mailed it. I trust as an employee you will clarify this with this bookkeeper employee trying to interfere with my pursuit of happiness..




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      According to the state in which I live, if one amends a U.S. income tax return or the federal government amends one for you(!), you are required to file an amended state return within six months. I did exactly as the state required however, the federal government has taken no action on my amended return.

      Yesterday, I was assessed a $500 penalty for filing a frivolous return because when the State dept of revenue checked with the IRS, I still had the original amount of taxable income listed; and my state return had a different amount. Since the amount of federal taxable income is the start of the state taxable income, the state claims I made a frivolous return and is now assessing a $500 fine.

      To complicate matters further, the only venue offered by the state for tax matters is none other than state tax court. After reviewing cases for nearly 3 hours last night, this court states the following:

      1. There is a law that says that the starting point for computing state income tax is the federal taxable income.

      2. However, there is another law the tax court relies on much more frequently that says that in the absence of reliable information, they can gather information from any source whatever.

      In the cases I read, if they don't like the determination by the federal government's taxable income or they don't like the "no taxable income" claimed by the submitter, they petition the state employment services commission or the "employers" themselves and use the submitted information instead, regardless of what the submitter says.

      The net result is that they determine what constitutes taxable income, and always in their favor.

      It's this very kind of injustice that angers me so and makes me want to help other people in the same predicament.

      Is there something I can do or should I simply pay the $500 and get it over with?

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