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Update on the case; and floating credit to pay my neighbor's mortgage???

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  • William Moral Greene
    Apart from my current rant where I have been complaining to Yahoo about Yahoo s policies wherein-by they are sending hundreds of posts per week by those who
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009

      Apart from my current rant where I have been complaining to Yahoo about Yahoo's policies wherein-by they are sending hundreds of posts per week by those who post to this and other Yahoo Legal Groups to the Spam Box of my Yahoo Small Business Account, I haven't posted this to the forums until now, but the person from the USCA in charge of insuring my Appeal Docs are in order informed me that I erred in not including an Appendix along with a Copy of the Official Docket Sheet, Copy of the Order of Dismissal (Docket #33) and Copy of the Judgment in favor of the IRS (Docket #34). 


      She gave me an extension to allow me the time to comply and I'll be sending that in on Monday and the way it stands in addition to the attachment you now know about my err before anyone else.  I mean it is not really a big deal, but in addition to trying to continually encourage others to sign on to the "public interest suit" when and if the opportunity presents, I like to tell people about everything, literally everything that is happening.


      And apart from all that, if you will forgive the comments of a person who has a Masters Degree, specializing in the Geo-Political Level of Intervention, what is going on in our nation is VERY Misleading at best if one but considers the subject of Usury wherein-by the financers of our National budgetary finance have been, and is currently, indiscriminately used against the people of our nation.




      People have been talking about the fact that not a single cent of the federal tax money currently collected goes to pay for a single government service or for that matter has not gone to pay off anything other than interest in terms of the national debt for some time now.  It all goes and has gone to pay nothing but the interest!!!  This is because the government has miseducated the American people and you just can't implement a policy of credit and call it capital and expect anything different than what is set forth in the Bible in terms of the subject of Usury. 


      If our government put it in terms of floating credit with one credit card being used to pay of the interest for the rest of the unpaid credit cards, all of the people would suddenly become very aware of what they have been doing and there would be a revolution in this country, but here is a few you tube videos on the commenting on the problem in terms of our government's credit vs. capital crisis:










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