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Join us on ThePowerHour on Tuesday 2/17 at 9am to 10am ET

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  • William M. Greene
    As some people may be aware, my wife and I will be on the ThePowerHour with Joyce & Dave which is a syndicated radio broadcast where we will be interviewed
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2009

      As some people may be aware, my wife and I will be on the "ThePowerHour with Joyce & Dave" which is a syndicated radio broadcast where we will be interviewed on Tuesday February 17 at 9am - ET to 10am ET and our website (www.greenes.us) will be linked from the radio show.  Listen Live at www.GCNLive.com or www.ThePowerHour.com.  Also the tax attorney, Tom Cryer, will be following us on the show.   


      Amongst the many things we may be expected to talk about is our financial problems in all this given that (1) the IRS put us out of work back in January of 2008, and (2) rather than go underground where we would find something under the table or some other method of cow-tailing and running we decided to stand and fight, and (3) the District Court refused to grant us the Injunctive Relief to allow us to return to work so that we could afford to pay our bills.


      We will also be talking about is the fact that every American over 45 knows what it is like to get suckered into the game of floating credit and the question is why our political leaders are selling us the same floating credit game?  In terms of fiscal responsibility, exactly what kind of example are these politicians trying to set for the middle and poor classes of people in America, and especially the poor? 


      And finally, we will be talking about our Qui Tam Action where the suit is against the IRS and NOT the United States.  Shortly after we submitted it though the District Court did everything it could to make it into a suit against the United States.  And at this time we are moving into our Appeal with 2nd Circuit 08-06284-cv, where we are asking the USCA to Vacate the District Court’s Order Of  Dismissal And Remand Case Back to The USDC For Northern New York, in Albany New York.  If that happens, it will mean that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals agrees with us and allows us to sue the IRS independent of the United States.   And if that happens, we will immediately open the suit up for joiners to sign on with us in our “Public Interest Suit” against the IRS and all joiners will automatically have the signatory status of “Private Attorneys General (de jure) and guaranteed protections.





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