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  • Frog Farmer
    ... But it was really Frank M. [fmumma@comcast.net] who first wrote (and I ... I wish! Tell that to Alan Keyes and the electoral college delegates from
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 16 6:20 PM
      Al Cintra-Leite wrote:
      > On Jan 14, 2009, at 1:43 AM, Frog Farmer wrote:

      But it was really Frank M. [fmumma@...] who first wrote (and I
      think I quoted him later on):

      > However, I say this with experience,
      > impunity and certainty...BRING IT ON!
      > As I, have in the past been
      > subjected to such, as (for me), it really isn't all that bad to
      > suffer "a little" for violation of my Liberty
      > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      And Al further wrote:

      > this may help in California for times when you need to sue the
      > imposters....Al
      > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      > SECTION 802-811

      I wish! Tell that to Alan Keyes and the electoral college delegates
      from California regarding Barry Soetoro. But aside from that recent
      matter, what if the Attorney General is himself tainted as a usurper? Is
      the proper method to ask politely that all usurpers please recuse
      themselves? Or just hope that one of the usurpers gives you a break?

      Did you notice all the "must"s and "may"s in those code sections? They
      need those in order to be able to do whatever I can do without them.
      But I am not damaged by a charade being carried on by contract-signing
      "believers", especially under the constitutions, because real law is one
      thing and a charade or play-acting is another. I did not buy a ticket
      and I have no stake in the outcome of the community theatrical
      production. For those who did and do, they may have a problem, but it
      doesn't involve me, and if it ever does then I'll address it a lot
      faster and sooner than most, in the initial moment of confrontation, not

      I prefer proving that certain named individuals (not members of some
      amorphous "They") who infringe my rights never were authorized to do so.
      However, since this was officially reported (falsely) as being my
      intention many years ago, it has been hard to find anyone who wants to
      submit to my rigorous agenda (nothing more than following all the laws I
      care to mention). And again, my contention is that the real game is
      over; I'm not an enthusiast and so I have better things to do like
      raising frogs or, like the last two hours I spent, moving manure.

      And so the poor soviet communists wandered in shock realizing that the
      built-in fear of the commissar was still making them quiver, even though
      they knew he'd never blacken their doorway again. There had been
      reports of brigands and thieves posing as commissars taking advantage of
      the slow pace of the news of The Fall and the programmed avoidance of
      liberty and self-responsibility. People still handed over the bribe
      money not knowing the con artists were not really commissars! The
      advantage of course lay with those who knew almost as soon as it

      Marga was the last on her block to set aside her regular bribe for the
      commissar. Unfortunately, she starved to death before the day of his
      expected arrival, and her neighbors found her stiff and lifeless,
      clutching a handful of expired food coupons. Peter had thought Marga
      had heard the news of the Fall from Demitri, because he was KGB, but it
      turns out that even HE went in to work the next morning. After all, who
      could believe a great political body such as the Soviet Union could
      disappear overnight?!

      After all, it was only a piece of paper, and it got to the point where
      it wasn't worth it anymore.

      Now the world is discovering that OTHER pieces of paper are worthless as
      well. Is there someone on your block you can save by passing the news?

      On a connected point, understanding the "Kahre Case" (Google it) could
      be VERY important now that one of the most entertaining of SEASONS has
      begun. Has this post been cryptic enough? I saw it as economical.

      And on a final point, Bear has succeeded in getting me to STOP using the
      wrong names and to actually THINK using the right Names, although, I
      still avoid typing them. And I think a hint of it was that in a very
      simple manner I was blessed with all the best fresh fish of all the best
      kinds that could fit in my freezers, and all the best of any kind of
      baked goods I need up to 80 packages of anything the bakery produces!

      The day the freezers were filled, the source of the fish told me that
      the boat had been foreclosed upon and it was OVER! No more fish!
      Imagine that! I couldn't store any more if I wanted to! Was THAT some
      kind of SIGN or WHAT?!

      Best wishes for an interesting future!


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