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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Need to go to work

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  • Jake
    ...   1st, a mindset change - employment means system - working under the authority & control of someone else, who undoubtdedly is in the system & will
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 14, 2008
      > Here's my challenge, As a Realtor, my business has ground to a halt and I need to find employment without jumping back into the system. I'm open to all suggestions.
      1st, a mindset change - "employment" means "system" - working under the authority & control of someone else, who undoubtdedly is in the system & will require things such as a W-4 to put you in it too.
      2nd, what do you know how to do?  Do you have a skill or trade you can earn a living with as an independent contractor?  Do you have or could you establish an unincorporated business trust, an S corp. if there's substantial $$$ involved, etc. to work thru?  So the entity gets paid instead of you?
      3rd, are you using a home address for mail?  You said you've got out of the system in '91 but you still get nastygrams - why is that?  I've been out of the system about that long, I haven't received anything from any Gov't. agency since about '93 & have used a P.O. Box for longer than that. 
      Going out on your own requires a lot of planning & preparation & there's way too much to cover in an e-mail, but it certainly can be done.  If you're stuck in a situation that you have to work as an employee for whatever reason, there will be forms generated & that's what "the system" goes by.  I've said this before 100 times - like the computer saying, "garbage in, garbage out", there's "nothing in, nothing out", but as long as there are W-2's, 1099's, etc. being generated with a SSN tied to you on them, you will get "nastygrams" & the Gov't. can follow you around like Hansel & Gretle.
      Same is true if you insist on using credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, etc.  I have this funny little rule - if I can't afford it with the cash in my pocket I don't buy it.  Never had a mortgage or a major credit card in my life & wouldn't get either with a gun to my head.  If you can do without all that garbage & have a skill or trade that there's a demand for, you're in good shape.
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