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Please! I need a little help …

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  • William Moral Greene
    I need some help right now because (1) I can t use PACER right now. We were using my wife s bank account to access pacer but funds got low, and well, funds got
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      I need some help right now because (1) I can't use PACER right now.  We were using my wife's bank account to access pacer but funds got low, and well, funds got too low and the last bill from PACER has my wife's account $160.00 overdrawn.  And, (2) I owe Sprint a back bill of $140.00 and if this is not paid by Saturday I won't have phone or internet to continue. Please Donate


      To Explain:  As some people are aware the IRS put us out of work back in January, and on March 12, 2008 we filed our Qui Tam Action against the Internal Revenue Service (Docket_1).  However, the District Court denied our first two requests for injunctive relief and although the Hearing Date of our third Motion for Preliminary Injunctive Relief (Docket_10) was set for July18, 2008 at 09:30 AM the District Court has yet to come out with a ruling.


      That's right; We were put out of work back in January and here it is well into November and the District Court has yet to rule on our third motion for injunctive relief and what that translates to is a situation whereby if my wife and/or myself got caught cutting lawns under the table we would be in contempt of court and lose the case.  So we can't work but we can accept donations, and as result, we have been going around to truck stops and handing out our Freedom Flyers (Side #1 & Side #2) for free, and at the same time we would give a copy of Larkin Rose's "The 861 Evidence" disk to anyone who would donate a dollar or more, and my wife stuffs filtered cigarettes so we were able to offer a pack of cigarettes to anyone who donates three dollars and a carton to anyone who donates twenty-five or more.  


      This helped to some degree because I refill all my ink cartridges and have printed up all court documents rather than incur the costs of having them copied.  I mean, if I were working the ink and paper and postage and court fees would be nothing, but without the ability to work, well, I can only pray others will be as kind as Bob Schulz and his wife who paid the last court fees and legalbear who has paid for our monthly VersusLaw Account which allows us access to VersusLaw's search of case law in support of our ongoing case. But the phone, internet service and the PACER Account are critical too because PACER is where our own case documents are posted by the District Court.


      And what I'm saying is that so far it's been a day at a time, and I really think that very few people out there have a wife such as mine who stands by me throughout this nightmare as I attempt to take on the IRS.   At this time though, I really need some help which is why I am asking others to Please Donate so that I can continue to use PACER as well as to be able to maintain a phone and the internet services I use to continue in my case against the IRS in which all court documents are now posted at http://www.greenes.us/civildocket.html.





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