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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Corrupt courts alter transcripts to discredit and threaten attorney

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    Correction: We have no Courts - Only Chambers! -- ... DATE: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 06:44:44 From: Legalbear To:
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      Correction:  "We" have no Courts - Only Chambers!



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      DATE: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 06:44:44
      From: "Legalbear" <bear@...>
      To: <tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com>

      Corrupt courts alter transcripts to discredit and threaten attorney

      Linda Kennedy (a grass roots lawyer) is fighting to
      expose the corrupt injustice system.  Read more about it
      here and give her your support.
      In the case of the Atty. Linda Kennedy "Kennedy Vs VA
      Bar -- US Supreme Court - Case 237. 757/757" yesterday.
      She has the feloniously altered transcripts in (their own
      handwriting) noting the changes to be made to the final
      transcript of record.   She removed the originally
      altered transcripts (by them) from trash can which may be
      presented on Net?

      After their retrieval she went to the Head of the VA Bar
      Ethics.  She recorded their conversation and did exactly
      as she was told by HIM (which he originally denied in the
      first hearing) for which her licensed was taken.  This
      taped evidence was disallowed by the judge, but he
      admitt ed in under oath the same thing that was on the
      tape.  This is perjury!  They also accused her that her
      thoughts were corrupt, using her own writings about
      corruption in the court system, even though the same
      charges of judicial corruption is in mainstream media, as
      the report judges who are prosecuted and jailed for their
      corruption.  The lawyers are not innately necessary
      corrupt (with some exceptions), but co-opted by the
      corrupt courts, and threatened.  They are afraid of
      losing their license, if they don't play along to get

      This morning, Linda appeared on www.thepowerhour.com  She
      reported that the Clerk and AG told her phone lines were
      so tied up, the could hardly conduct business.  Thanks
      Judicial Reform, Jail 4 Judges, all the Power Hour
      People, attorney, Paralegals, law professors, and
      everyone else who call faxed, or emailed in support of
      Linda.  Not only is this case bein g followed nationwide
      by mainstream, but in foreign countries.

      Atty. Kennedy valiantly argued case of yesterday, but the
      judge has postponed his final decision which will be
      rendered in 30-60 days.  Linda recommends the pressure
      must continue, and I will follow up with you and my list
      of further updates. I wish to review the audio from
      today's show, and available tomorrow, so I can accurately
      quote her in my reports, and before I again, contact the
      Clerk of Courts and Atty. Gen. Kilgore.

      When the courts can change transcripts, disbar an
      attorney for thoughts and following BAR's ethics
      recommendations; can tribunal courts and secret
      executions be far behind?  This was not only about
      Linda's license, but she spoke out for everyone's rights
      under the law.  This is especially important since law
      enforcement can lie in court under oath with immunity and
      impunity, according 1996 laws.  The FBI has been cau ght
      red handed planting evidence on the accused.

      Under Patriot Act, people can now be labeled terrorist
      just on a tip, held in secret, and without due process.
      They are not allowed to know who made the allegation
      (perhaps an irate spouse, relative, or neighbor), and
      unable to face their accuser.  Will they be sent to Gitmo
      to Bush's new death camps at Gitmo which now has a death
      row and execution chamber?

      Are you people getting the picture yet?   There is no war
      on Terrorism -- There is a war on Freedom!

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