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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Trapping IRS agents & hearing officers in their lies

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Now THERE is a sport worth its time! In such a target-rich environment it would be hard not to get a full day s limit, indeed, a whole season limit!
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2008
      legalbear7 wrote:
      > Subject: [tips_and_tricks] Trapping IRS agents & hearing officers in
      > their lies

      Now THERE is a sport worth its time! In such a target-rich environment
      it would be hard not to get a full day's limit, indeed, a whole season
      limit! Personally, I gave up such hunting because my time is better
      spent than shooting fattened wild pigs. I now trade fossils for my
      bacon. But I commend those who provide a vitally needed culling of
      renegade feral pigs who do nothing but cause damages for innocent

      Does ignorance provide innocence? That question just popped into my
      head and I have no instant answer, just an opinion. My opinion is that
      it does not. But I believe the major general consensus would be that it
      does, that ignorance of facts and their ramifications excuses results
      obtained only through operation of that ignorance. For example, just
      think of all the people who supposedly had IRS problems but never took
      the time or made the effort to read the Internal Revenue Manual. Are
      they innocent via their ignorance? I say no, most say yes.

      > As you may know, the IRS has been given the presumption of
      > administrative regularity by the courts. To them that means that they
      > get to tell lies and fabricate evidence with impunity.

      I thought EVERY agency at every level anywhere has that presumption,
      because when they act irregularly, outside the scope permitted by their
      own manuals, it is presumed that nobody is injured because nobody timely
      objects stating their objection and supporting it with their law on the
      record. Who, besides a few here, have you ever heard of demanding a
      formal docketed administrative hearing on the record over any issue?
      Issues arise instantly, without warning. Often they are supported by
      evidence on video or audio, or witnessed by one or more credible
      testifiers. Failure of the alleged "innocent-by-reason-of-ignorance"
      "victim" to object in the Initial Moment Of Confrontation (IMOC) makes
      the record that there IS no objection, although the rationale for one
      may be formulated much later. By the time court is permitted to
      intervene, record shows the "victim" has largely assisted and consented
      to his own prosecution, thereby nullifying any claims of persecution.

      > I have been
      > reading the Internal Revenue Manual and seeing a bunch of
      > opportunities to expose the lies and fabrications of hearing officers,
      > ATAT Revenue Officers (that issue those nasty summonses), and
      > automated collections people that issue the liens and levies.

      No kidding?! This is similar to the experience of those to whom I
      recommend reading the copyrighted California Penal Code so that they
      learn of the rules for putting them away behind bars and taking their
      property for redistribution here where I live and work. All goons
      everywhere have a manual for messing with you. The thing is, you and I
      read them; most people do not and so suffer the consequences. Reading
      them is fun, entertaining, and with a yellow highlighter in hand, you
      can create a more valuable tool than before you picked up the manual.
      Nothing makes your opponents get a sour face more than you having a
      tabbed and highlighted version of their manual at your formal docketed
      administrative hearing on the record. Just remembering back brings a
      big smile to my face right now.

      > I am
      > licking my chops over turning some IRS law violators over to the
      > Treasury Inspector General for violations of 26 U.S.C. 7214(a)(7) for
      > making or signing fraudulent statements and over the havoc that can be
      > created for them administratively using the truth. I am working on a
      > video about this. Watch for an email from me about this when I get it
      > done. Bear

      I am a diamond, and if put between the government millstones, they won't
      notice until a good groove appears and less hard grains escape being
      ground into flour by falling into my groove. Fixing groovy millstones
      is time-consuming and expensive. For example, study the IRS' history of
      computer upgrades. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!



      P.S. Major US banks failed to achieve Basel-II compliance by this past
      Tuesday's deadline. No coverage. Big ramifications! Enjoy!
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