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  • mn_chicago
    ... What is a kangaroo court? You are a lot of work because you get in your own way. Were you in a kangaroo court or a traffic court? If you cannot see the
    Message 1 of 46 , Aug 18, 2008
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      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "John H." <otoman@...> wrote:

      > My Response: A person can demand their rights until they turn
      > blue. When you are in a kangaroo court, it does not matter.

      What is a kangaroo court?

      You are a lot of work because you get in your own way. Were
      you in a kangaroo court or a traffic court? If you cannot see
      the difference, you will always be asserting the wrong argument.

      > Especially when there is no recorder to verify action and deed.
      > Yes, someone could have been taking notes but how many friends
      > do you have that would take off work for you when they would not
      > do it for themselves.

      Who said to have a friend do it? Are you not capable of remembering
      the questions asked, who said what, who responded as events unfolded?
      Write everything down to the best of your recall, type it up, and
      you have your bystander notes.

      > If you have been to traffic court then you also know that the
      > only person, as a defendant, that knows even half of what is
      > going on is YOU!

      Knowing only half of what is going on will not work. Learn from
      what went on and why it went on, what rules were being used, what
      rules were being ignored, and then find cases to support what you
      want to assert.

      > The rest are clueless.

      Is that important to you?

      > My case is over. It is done. I just wanted to use my experience
      > to help others.

      Are YOU done is the pertinent question? I did not find your
      "experience" helpful in the least. Didn't someone commit murder
      in your courtroom, or kangaroo court?

      > I spent literally a dozen hours or more on reading posts from
      > this group and my own study of state traffic law and ways to beat
      > traffic violations.

      I spent two dozen hours this past weekend going over some recent
      and old information. I have spent hundreds of hours reading posts,
      doing searches, spending time in the law library, and finding cases
      to support my position in front of any judge, and appellate judges.

      A dozen hours is nothing, and your results prove that. You have
      not even scratched the surface, and you keep pointing the finger
      at others on this site, to wit the following:

      > In no way would most posts from this group help a person to
      > defend themselves in a Florida traffic court.

      This is true. Very few posts pertain specifically to Florida
      traffic courts. Most, as you say, are about other things.

      > YES, bits and pieces helped. BUT, I had to wade through 5 feet of
      > mud (filter out what did and did not apply to Florida Traffic Laws

      Enough of your "efforts" already. How are your monumental efforts
      working for you?

      How about reading and learning what the Florida Criminal Code has to
      say about traffic violations and arraignments? How about a trip to a
      law library to read about cases that require players to play by the
      rules...those rules you seem not to know?

      > We can continue as we are in this forum, concerning traffic
      > citations, and continue to wade through the mud to filter
      > what applies to "my" state, or we can use common sense and find

      You, not "we."

      I give up.
    • stonekutteral
      On Oct 19, 2010, at 8:30 AM, Snowman wrote: My brief was rejected 4 times: Didn t serve DA, couldn t submit exhibit not accepted at trial, Type not large
      Message 46 of 46 , Oct 19, 2010
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        On Oct 19, 2010, at 8:30 AM, Snowman wrote: My brief was rejected 4 times: Didn't serve DA, couldn't submit exhibit not accepted at trial, Type not large enough, one day late.

          Well they did notify you of the defects, but putting this in the beginning of your filings can help sometimes…


              WITH THE COURT,  WILL BE 
                   HAINES V.KERNER  404 U.S. 519,520,(1972).
        In All My Communication with the court Haines V. Kerner 404 U.S.
        519,520(1972), In re Haines: pro se litigants are held to less stringent
        pleading standards than bar licensed attorneys. 
         Platsky vs CIA. 953 F. 2nd 26 (C.A.2(N.Y.),1991)In re Platsky: court
        errs if court dismisses the pro se litigant without instruction of how
        pleadings are deficient and how to repair pleadings.
        , Anastasoff v. United States,223 F.3rd 898(8th circuit) (2000)In re
        Anastasoff: litigants' constitutional rights are violated when courts depart
        from precedent where parties are similarly situated.
        - will be the controlling cases in regards to any deficiency in my


        (actually Spooner would rip them a darn sight stronger, but let's remember
        his name , anyway.)

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