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Re:Those of you with wage withholding or tax issues...

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  • goldilucks
    ... federal and state employees and do not have the force and effect of law. ... titled Administrative Rules. 26 CFR Part 301, therefore, contains the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 16, 2008
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      > What goldilucks says (below) is that 26 CFR Part 301 applies to
      federal and state employees and do not have the force and effect of law.
      > Goldilucks is in error.
      > 26 CFR is called "Treasury Regulations" and 26 CFR Part 301 is
      titled "Administrative Rules." 26 CFR Part 301, therefore,
      contains the >"administrative rules of the Department of the
      Treasury," and they apply to any and all natural and juridical
      persons who place themselves >under the legal obligation to obey these
      regulations. Becoming a government employee is only ONE of the many ways
      of placing one's self >under contract and subjecting themselves to
      Part 301. Making one's self entitled to receive federal benefits or
      survivor benefits is another way >[5 USC 552a(13)]. Now, please go to
      your own bank or savings & loan, and get a copy of the application for
      your account. You will most likely >find the information you need right
      on the signature card that you voluntarily signed. You don't have to
      have the entire bank codes. At the >most, you will only need the
      brochure that they have on hand that explains the account procedures.
      The signature card or brochure will tell you that when you contract with
      the bank to get an account, you are agreeing to abide by the
      administrative rules of the department of the >treasury. Can it get any
      plainer than this? This is yet another way to become subject to 26 CFR
      Part 301.
      > Shalom,
      > Bernie Besherse
      > Skype: paraclete45

      Bernie does have a point, so I would go and pull my signature card and
      make a reservation above my signature stating that only 26CFR part one
      regulations will apply. That will remove the presumption and call the
      law form. They did not promulgate penalty regs in part one and there is
      good reason for that. When they prosecute they are laying "sanctions"
      upon you for bad "conduct". Just a little bit militiaristic sounding?
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