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    Cessna Pilots Association: TWA 800 UpdateTWA 800 Update #627902 - 07/28/08 09:37 PM Just received the following. Having flown the 747 at the time, it was hard
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      Cessna Pilots Association: TWA 800 UpdateTWA 800 Update #627902 - 07/28/08 09:37 PM

      Just received the following. Having flown the 747 at the time, it was hard for me to believe that the cause was a wiring problem with an AD fix. I wonder how the Ninth Circuit Court, with their reputation, will be able to make an informed and reasonable decision on this case?

      Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:51 pm (PDT)

      July 17, 2008, Thursday, will be the 12th anniversary of the destruction
      of TWA 800, and an annual ceremony will be held there at the Long Island
      Memorial. The FBI "cover-up" scandal is finally coming to a head, but
      there has been little publicity. There is strong evidence that the
      B-747 was destroyed by TWO surface launched missiles, and there were
      more than *200* eye-witnesses who were gagged from testifying by the
      FBI, which unlawfully took control of the investigation from the NTSB.
      Evidence was hidden, altered, or destroyed, including missile particles
      taken from bodies and aircraft seat cushions in the impact areas. Radar
      tapes were altered to remove the missile track evidence, aircraft parts
      were altered or confiscated,and released tapes were recalled and
      confiscated, as was other evidence, released initially to the Media.

      Ray Lahr, a retired United pilot, ex-Navy pilot, and a USC engineer,
      served on numerous aircraft accident investigations in his role as an
      ALPA Safety and accident investigator, and for years, has been
      struggling with the Government to release their data and the programs
      they invented to prove no missile attack. The FBI grabbed the
      investigation from the NTSB, which is required by law to hold the
      investigation, and committed the most amazing acts of fraud to hide all
      evidence of the missiles. This is not "conspiracy theory" insanity,
      believe me. A Federal judge agreed that the "accident investigation"
      was a complete cover-up of the cause, and he ruled, in 2006, that the
      Government must release critical evidence to Lahr. What they produced
      was missing critical data and information.

      Ray wrote that: ..."the FBI was certainly guilty of grabbing evidence
      and running it down to its (DCA) laboratory where it disappeared." ...
      "Graeme Sephton, an engineer in the Boston area, brought a lawsuit
      against the FBI to produce the reports about the imbedded foreign
      objects that were removed from the bodies. Graeme won his lawsuit and
      the Court directed the FBI to produce the evidence. The FBI came back a
      little later and said that it had searched and it couldn't it (be)
      found. Unfortunately, that seemed to satisfy the court."

      Excerpt from witness statement: Id. at 185 ΒΆ 3 Sanders Aff.: "[TWA
      Captain] Terry Stacy began to feed me a series of documents that I
      analyzed bad to do with the debris field.... When I showed him this
      trail, he, for the first time, and this was at the end of November
      [1996]... He goes, 'my *** there is a reddish orange residue trail right
      there. I think it the very same seats row 17, 18 and 19, that the FBI
      back in early September took samples and it refused to share the
      analysis on those samples." (Solid rocket fuel)

      Ray has been fighting to get the witness names and CIA's calculatio n
      data that showed there was an impossible "Zoom Climb", but they won't
      turn it over through the Freedom of Information process. The "cover-up"
      was proved in Federal Court, and subsequently the NTSB and CIA have been
      ordered to provide "hidden" documents, witnesses and FBI names, and
      evidence that they claimed were lost, or never existed. The Government
      Agencies are appealing this Judicial Order to give-up the evidence in
      the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a Pasadena Court house on
      _*August 8th*_. At that hearing, Ray Lahr will accuse the Government of
      "Fraud", and will produce the evidence before a 3-Judge panel of
      Appeals; his brief (below) is already entered in the Court documents as
      evidence. This is an exciting development in aviation safety and
      freedom, not to mention the terrorism that existed all the way back to
      Oklahoma City, including this shoot-down. It should concern all of us,
      and I would like to publicize the hell out of this thing. Any one
      willing to help, please contact me. The anniversary, Thursday, is an
      opportunity to bring it to the public's attention.

      Excerpts from this fascinating account:

      Flight 800 climbed eastbound, through 13,000 feet, en route to
      its assigned altitude of 15,000 feet. Its landing lights were on, a
      usual procedure in crowded air terminal areas.
      ? About 30 miles directly ahead of Flight 800, McClaine and
      Fuschetti, in Eastwind 507, were approaching it while descending to
      16,000 feet. McClaine was following Flight 800's landing lights.
      ? About 10 miles to the north, Meyer and Bauer were making an
      approach to the Hampton airport in a Blackhawk National Guard
      helicopter, when they visually picked up the missile fire.
      ? From the south, US Air approached and was to cross overhead
      of Flight 800 about 8,000 feet above it. Brumley, from his vantage of a
      window seats on the right side and ahead of the wing of his aircraft
      (likely the closest eyewitness), saw a missile rise up and arc over
      towards Flight 800.
      ? Almost directly overhead, the Navy P-3 crossed Flight 800's
      path from north to south.
      ? Hundreds of other witnesses along the Long Island coast
      followed missile fire rising from the surface.
      At 8:31 p.m., about eleven minutes after Flight 800 departed, when the
      airplane reached an altitude of 13,800 feet, 2.6 miles above sea level,
      approximately 9 miles from the Long Island barrier reefs, 12 miles east
      of Center Moriches, the two missiles intersected, almost dead on.
      ? One missile entered Flight 800 just below the left wing,
      traversed the center of the aircraft through rows 17, 18, and 19, and
      exited the right side of the fuselage,5 bringing debris with it.6
      ? Just after (or before) that missile sliced through the aircraft.
      the second missile exploded outside the aircraft's lower left side,7
      collapsing the nose g ear doors inward, completely

      Read the whole Lahr reply brief to the Government's appeal for reversal
      at: *http://raylahr.entryhost.com/Briefs/LahrReply3Dec07.pdf*
      The brief alleges and proves *FRAUD* on the part of the CIA, FBI, and
      NTSB. You'll find it quite amazing and _stimulating_. We've got to get
      angry about this abuse of power and aviation safety. One of the main
      reasons for the NTSB was to keep politics from interfering with accident

      *Spread the word*, please, and let's try to pack courtroom #1, at 9 AM
      in Pasadena, Calif. on August 8th, where a three judge panel of the
      Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will decide whether to uphold the lower
      Federal court, or reverse. The Government has provided no evidence to
      defend its position that the Court Order should be reversed, but the
      above BRIEF has be en entered in the record there, and the Judges will be
      questioning the attorneys. They each have 20 minutes to present their
      sides, then the Judges will probe and ask questions, which should be
      highly interesting. Support in the courtroom from the public should
      prove very helpful, and it should be over by noon.


      *P.S. Professional lawyers report on the trial judge's findings: *

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