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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Gambling for Justice - Re: why court filing fees fo the sovereign citizen?

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  • Bob law
    The problem is not that they(the bench and bar ) are perverting our Judicial Branch of government . The problem is we don t have a judicial branch at all in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 5, 2003
      The problem is not that they(the "bench and bar") are
      perverting our "Judicial Branch of government". The
      problem is we don't have a judicial branch at all in
      the 50 Union states. If you doubt this, I challenge
      each of you to find where in the published authorities
      that Congress has created any Article III courts that
      have been both ordained and seated with Article III
      Justices. If you look at Hawaii for example they have
      Article I judges as per their tenure and pay. If you
      can prove otherwise please do.
      Bob L.

      --- Ed <ED44@...> wrote:
      > It is NOT in the best interest of our Nation to
      > allow the Bench & Bar to pervert the judicial Branch
      > of our government.
      > They have created the systematic denial of Due
      > Process of Law. In it's placed they have created a
      > psuedo process that recognizes NO rights. In it's
      > place is a system where We the People must pay $200
      > per hour for an Attorney who will then present our
      > case to another Attorney, hiding under a Black Robe,
      > who MIGHT give us Justice. It is now, regardless of
      > how clear the Facts and the Law of your case, a
      > Gamble to step into YOUR court.
      > If the attorney we paid screws up, or the Judge
      > decides we are the lesser of the "equals" (note the
      > contradiction), then it is just our tough luck and
      > we are told to "suck it up" and pay the price even
      > if the price is our execution for a crime we did not
      > commit. This is lawlessness of the more abhorrent
      > type and it is certain to lead to the downfall of
      > this Nation even if it be a slow, painful, fall with
      > much individual suffering in the interim. Equal
      > Protection of the Law, Equal Justice Under the Law
      > no longer exists in the "practical application" of
      > the law that now reigns supreme over the supreme Law
      > of the Land.
      > The hour is getting late. We must reform this system
      > and hold them accountable while we still have the
      > power to do so.
      > As it is now our public servants, acting under
      > disguise of "law enforcement" and "government
      > agents", are servicing the Attorneys at the expense
      > of the public. Their job, now, is to haul people
      > into court, with abritrary, capricious, spurious
      > charges, so the Bench and Bar can suck the life out
      > of them, their pocket book, and that life savings of
      > their families, while the public, the taxpayers,
      > pays the bill for the costs of the system that
      > serves no purpose but the extortion and plunder of
      > all for the glory and financial benefit of the bench
      > & bar. This is the Reality of the Law, as Practiced
      > today, in the Courts in the United States.
      > Please visit the INFORMED CITIZENS website to see
      > recent additions and changes. www.informed.org If
      > you have been there before you may need to refresh
      > each page you visit to update the cache on your
      > computer so you will see the changes and additions.
      > Your feedback, including negative critizism, is a
      > contribution in this great struggle that is
      > appreciated.
      > Ed
      > www.informed.org
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      > From: Shane Vincent
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      > Subject: RE: [CCCC-USA] why court filing fees fo
      > the sovereign citizen?
      > Even more important.
      > Doesn't it deny you equal protection. Since the
      > government brings actions against you without paying
      > any fees.
      > Shane Vincent

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