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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Are you a pinkie?

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  • ernest richard: Expressly Reserving All
    what is a Bill of Exchange? Read here for an answer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_of_exchange
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 3, 2008
      what is a Bill of Exchange?

      Read here for an answer:

    • Frog Farmer
      ... Here, rich people PAY to stay overnight in our jail! Of course they all do it as part of a charity benefit, but 24 hours is still 24 hours. Good enough
      Message 2 of 7 , Jun 4, 2008
        > I have that friend still in jail in a county North of me.
        > His maximum "sentence" was 24 hours in jail for 1st offense.

        Here, rich people PAY to stay overnight in our jail! Of course they all
        do it as part of a charity benefit, but 24 hours is still 24 hours.
        Good enough for a lawsuit if one was so inclined and had a cause of

        > But he did Sam Kennedy stuff, they arrested him.

        That's what I hate about "name brand" law. His should have been doing
        his own "stuff". If he happened to agree with Sam, that's great, maybe.
        I never heard of Sam before. Don't know what his stuff is. Can you tell
        me, is it better to start off with Sam stuff, and evolve into Elvick
        stuff on the way through Gordon stuff? Elvick went to jail. Gordon got
        beat up, but made new case law for us all and won gold compensation.
        Does that mean anything they say is wrong, or just parts of it? I'm all
        confused on how to use name brand law, but I have a pretty easy time of
        it just asking my opponents what law they are using and will agree to
        obey and I use that. So far, it's all been California state law (much
        of which I've disqualified on technicalities THEY told me about). I
        avoid the federal jurisdiction. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".
        I'm only interested in a particular jurisdiction's laws if I have to
        enter it. Otherwise, like I said, I'm too busy.

        > He's been in since
        > Monday, they say he'll be there until the next hearing!!!

        Great!!! At least he won't be granting jurisdiction by paying bail!!!

        > Any advice?

        He should use his time wisely, as the Gordon stuff points out. I try to
        get the many steps I've identified in the right order, because fouling
        that up shows the other side you don't have a good agenda for your
        defense. I've got a great big agenda. It's so big, they don't want to
        find out what it is, so they told me.

        > I think he really want s this UCC approach to work. He's at his final
        > straw.

        Huh?? "Final straw"? Does that mean his "strawman" is like the
        Scarecrow in the "Wizard of Oz", losing his straw and now down to just
        one?? UCC approach?? Is that where you ignore all the other laws and
        try just to use the UCC? And why would you want to go from the area of
        rights to the area of legislatively granted privileges in commercial
        debt paper credit, the Law of Merchants? Is your friend an investment
        banker? Mortgage repackager? What keeps him in the equity jurisdiction
        by his own choice?

        [Bear, these questions are not Socratic, nor rhetorical. I'd like to
        know the real answers. I avoid and abhor UCC jurisdiction. I was
        trained to avoid it. And I never knew its application in any particular
        case was arbitrary, that after the Initial Moment Of Confrontation
        (IMOC) one could "choose" to have it apply or not.]

        > I really don't think he cares what happens to himself.

        He might make a good poker player then.

        > I imagine he's
        > already lost his job, etc.

        Well, at least some good comes of it. A job is a thing I'm glad to say
        I haven't had in many years. I have too many valuable things to do with
        my time. A job is labor or brainpower theft with false irredeemable UCC
        credit, usually for the benefit of inhuman corporations at the expense
        of the natural world.

        When I realized that the game was over here like it was in the USSR, I
        started intensifying my efforts to deal without ANY money, even the
        coinage I've been using all these years. All of the other people will
        soon be faced with the prospect of even-more-worthless FRNs suddenly
        flying home to roost and then their total disappearance. Job-takers
        will be forced to accept the Amero if they don't change their ways fast.

        My recent efforts to avoid even coin usage have met with big success.
        I've begun trading things without any reference to numbers other than
        real measurements of real things, like carats, ounces and pounds, but
        not any attempt to help people out by providing a relative FRN
        equivalent (an oxymoron when it involves a thing that never remains the
        same value). I've been doing it by telling them what I have to trade,
        and if I have anything they'd like to trade for, I ask them how much of
        what they have to trade they will gladly part with for my thing(s). So
        far, I've taken two offers was really happy with them and raised one
        with a slightly higher counter-offer which was accepted and which also
        made me very happy. The trades happened instantaneously with only a
        handshake. I've been trading mostly for food, preparing for famine.
        The only thing I need now is a source for gasoline. I'm working on it.

        Advice to Pinkies: Dust yourselves with the basics that have existed
        for all to use in your particular jurisdiction, THEN lay your "name
        brand" law over that framework and you might have better days in court.

        I quit going to court because it took too much time. I like to win
        earlier and more often, with fewer people (idiots and morons) involved,
        so I try to disqualify ALL contestants (as a good judge should do per
        the Ashwander Rules).


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