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Con-Artist Addendum

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  • John Mauro
     The Aware Group was a scam formulated by the despicable John Howard Alexander (real name; Howard Ira Small). This creep and his w**** wife Heather, who
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2008
       The Aware Group was a scam formulated by the despicable "John Howard Alexander" (real name; Howard Ira Small). This creep and his w**** wife Heather, who has since divorced him, ripped of many people including yours truly. Interestingly, when I sued him for fraud and theft in small claims court and got a judgment on him (which I've never been able to collect), the sleazebag did not use any of the patriot mythology he peddled in his seminars, he just lied like a weasel about the facts. Last I heard, the federals were prosecuting him. I say, BRAVO; the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I hope he is in the slam where he belongs. Austin Gary Cooper is another con-artist, rip-off slimebag with his expatriation/repatriation scam based on his imbecilic and delusional interpretation of the 14th Amendment (a common patriot mythological foible). The feds did lock his sorry butt up but unfortunately he has long since been released. I got a judgment against him for fraud and theft as well but again, unfortunately I have not been able to collect. For the record, I regard these rip-off vermin as lower than the criminal state actors we battle. Those miscreants flaunt their filthy flag in our faces while the patriot mythologists pretend to be on our side as they defraud us with their legal hocus pocus. Finally, I am in basic agreement with Luis regarding Michael H. Brown. He is very intelligent and has done some good things in the legal arena, but basically he is full of himself, is over-rated, and way over charges, as much as your typical shyster. Back in the early 90's I got into a snag with the feds and used William J. Kimbrew, Brown's mentor, who he could not praise and recommend highly enough. That old man botched my case as badly as any rank amateur. The best thing that can be said for Brown is that he scorches the patriot mythologists.

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