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Male bovine feces

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  • legalbear7
    ... reasons and ... you ... Read them through a few times and think about why they are there, then you will begin to understand. I participate in one group
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2008

      > Barry, you will likely "expel" this reply for any number of your reasons and

      > really that ' s ok.  I find it arduous to stay on top of the rules for you

      > list. 

      Read them through a few times and think about why they are there, then you will begin to understand. I participate in one group that is supposed to be about the IRS and 90% of the posts that I have seen so far having nothing to do with IRS.

      Just to say this:  If you accept Larry Becraft as a credible

      > mouthpiece for anything worth considering you might as well grab your life

      > vest now.  I ' ve read his rants and everyone is wrong except Larry Becraft!

      I have been doing law for 19 years now and Larry' and my experiences are parallel. I have seen all this pop law/junk law come and go when it doesn ' t work. I have been called in to help on cases where people did not think ahead to how they were going to defend their actions in court and been asked to clean up the mess. In my own life I have stacks of my own wins and have helped almost everybody else get wins that I helped, and it has all been with conventional law applied creatively. I posted Larry ' s post to my group Tips & Tricks for Court because I agreed with what he said.

      > He lives in and promotes conventional wisdom which is where we lose.  I

      > highly suspect that he is an agent for the system whether he knows it or

      > not.  Rickity

      I first learned of Larry nineteen years ago. I called him asking him to write a letter for me on the withholding issue. He told me, "You do not understand. This is a fight. It will take more than a letter to accomplish what you want." He was right it turns out. I learned about him through National Commodity and Barter Assoc.; an organization that helped me a lot without charges. They were o.k. with him and I am about concluded, after nineteen years, that I am o.k. with him too.

      Why discount his wins? My hat is off to him for choosing to work in this whole field. There are not many other attorneys willing to take on the beast. Tommy Cryer's attorney friend worked in Save-A-Patriot for a long time and convinced him regarding the truths we know about the income tax. When Tommy Cryer got charged, he selected Larry to be his counsel. I ate almost every meal for a week with Tommy Cryer when I was at the Freedom and Justice Conference in Irvine, CA before his trial. Tommy appeared to have no hesitance to having Larry act as his counsel for his trial.

      That's another thing; I read a lot of caselaw, and I have seen Larry take our issues to court and present them properly in motions and briefs and on appeal. In some cases the courts have heavily sanctioned him for doing so. For most of us, that would have been enough to cause us to lose interest in the whole tax issue. Not Larry; he just keeps on trucking and trying to get better. Bear

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