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Some of my notes on oaths & quo warranto

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  • Legalbear
    Of course, those waiting until their criminal cases were started waited too long - I have three examples where I confronted the so-called officer on the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2003
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      Of course, those waiting
      their criminal cases were started waited too long –


      I have three examples where I confronted the so-called officer on the street.  The first screwed up on the ticket and wrote the wrong year for the trial date.  That case was dismissed without me even going to court.  I failed to appear because I forgot to go.  The court recognized his error and dismissed the case sua sponte.  Another time, I queried the cop like I was the officer and he was the one under investigation.  Incredibly, he had filed an oath and told me where and he had his commission on him and showed me it.  The prosecutor failed to show up to my first appearance in court and that case was also dismissed.  The other time I challenged the officer on the street he told me I could play lawyer in the courtroom and that he was leaving now.  I filed criminal & traffic charges against him.  When the court refused to prosecute the cop I filed a motion to dismiss because I was being denied equal protection under the law.  The court never reached the issue because the officer never showed up for trial and that case was also dismissed.

      The problem we have here in
      California is that the statutes
      that before a Quo Warranto action may commence, it

      requires the approval of one who himself has no proper oath
      on file!


      My experience here has been that the permission has been readily obtained.  However, the judge on the case then violates his oath by protecting the ones that don’t have an oath or bond.

      And the first place to win it is when that first face gets
      your face and makes a special claim.  If you fail to
      it right then and there, you have made a record of

        your submission.  Is that not correct?  Anyone?


      I think what I’ve said above validates this.

      > People v. Lindsey, 253 P. 465, People v. Owens, 69 P. 515, Respondent has
      > burden of proving his right to office

      He has that same burden when he makes a special claim to you
      , correct? 
      That sounds right to me.

      > you can use quo warranto to try the office of constable, State v. Johnson,
      > 52 SW.2d 110, district and prosecuting attorney,

      At least you USED TO be able to, but now there's nobody left
        to go to, no co-conspirator you can avoid.  The corruption
      I think so.  See my article on the compromising of all government officials.


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