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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Illegal Speed Limits

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... That s how it is here in California, and most likely everywhere by now. Soon people might be needing their funds for life support after they ve lost the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2008
      David Toppin wrote:

      > the cops go on their merry
      > way writing invalid and illegal tickets. Most people just pay.

      That's how it is here in California, and most likely everywhere by now.
      Soon people might be needing their funds for life support after they've
      lost the house and car, and might decide it's worth fighting back,
      especially to avoid being the last on their block to do so. The Ron
      Paul Revolution is spreading fast, and extends to topics like ours, ones
      that it appears the other candidates and their supporters are unable to
      even acknowledge much less discuss intelligently.

      > People should fight EVERY ticket they get.

      Absolutely! If everyone did that alone, even if they were all
      convicted, it would help. But the odds on getting convicted can be
      DRASTICLY REDUCED with some knowledge. First thing: be able to
      distinguish rights from privileges, then, don't waive any rights, and
      don't accept any privileges. Easy. Most folks are loaded down with
      privileges and cannot list 20 rights. Even for those timid types, 90%
      of convictions come from admissions and confessions. So, just shut up
      and you'll be way ahead of the crowd.

      > In MA, you go in front of
      > a magistrate first, and you usually lose there, you need to pay to
      > appeal it to the judge, where you can cross examine the cop and beat
      > the ticket

      Same here. Except for the paying part. We cannot "pay" anything here
      anymore (very little lawful money in circulation). So you make them
      waive any "fees" (if you can find anyone willing to put their name on
      the line after you file the current copy of their non-conforming oath
      into your case file.) It's really over in California. The only ones
      playing and paying to play are the statists and power cult believers.
      You really have to waive innumerable rights to be convicted and
      imprisoned in California. When I got here, I thought it had to be a
      police state with prisons all over the place and everyone seeming to be
      coming out of or going into one. But my actual experience has shown me
      otherwise, that it is a very free state. The apparent dichotomy is
      caused by the different treatment given to those who know the law and
      use it (1%??) versus those who believe propaganda about the law and act
      on that instead (99%??). I have experienced outcomes to incidents that
      were 180 degrees opposite from what I expected. Many times, in a spirit
      of independence and civil disobedience I've taken actions that I
      expected would get me arrested and mistreated. But nothing happens. I
      guess because I stand on my rights and the law every time. I don't
      think the law is being respected in these cases, but it seems that there
      is enough doubt introduced into the minds of the impersonating paycheck
      anticipators that they take my advice to prey upon less unpalatable

      Yes, it's time for all good men to come to the aid of their country and
      "just say NO!" to socialism and fascism and tyranny. Don't take
      tickets, wake up sleeping magistrates at all hours, and disqualify
      everyone who contends against you. That will spin their wheels!


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