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Worthless dollar ?? (Get IT Right! 'Worthless FRN'!) means lower interest rate!

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  • vivus_spartacus
    As long as people continue to refer to FRNs, either as greenbacks , or even worse, as dollars , then ignorance will continue to be propagated unabated. FRNs
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2008
      As long as people continue to refer to FRNs, either as "greenbacks",
      or even worse, as "dollars", then ignorance will continue to be
      propagated unabated.

      FRNs are NEITHER "greenbacks"
      (i.e. U.S. "Notes" redeemable in Lawful Money)

      NOR ARE THEY "dollars"!

      12 USC 411 clearly states/expresses that they are "OBLIGATIONS"
      (i.e. I.O.U.s)

      FRNs Are NOT EVEN 'NOTES'/ Lawful 'Negotiable Intstruments', for
      that Matter!


      Because They No Longer Conform To / Meet the Mandatory Requisites
      proscribed for Such by LAW!

      Ergo by Law, FRNs are defined as "Nonnegotiable Notes" since
      the "Notes" are based on FRAUD, because the (Ph)ederal /Fraudulent
      Reserve Banks and Treasury refuse to "Redeem" FRNs "On Demand In
      Lawful Money" as Required By LAW at 12 USc 411.

      Such makes FRNs wholly "Without Consideration"
      [i.e. "Worthless Obligations" by legal definition, such as what is
      referred to under 26 USC 165 (g)2(c)]

      The private central bank corporation (Phederal Reserve) is actually
      telling you that the fraudualent U.S. eCONomy is Very SICK, and
      those 'dependent' on same will soon be in a world of pain and
      suffering as FRAUD/S cannot CONtinue undiscovered forever nor can
      the CONsequences of such!

      Quick, Somebody Call The Doctor!

      Yeah, Dr RON PAUL!

      Before it is TOO LATE!

      Wisdom BEGINS by calling 'Things' by their Correct Names!

      Wisdom IS the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your
      getting, Get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

      "vivus spartacus"
      All Rights Reserved (In the 9th Amendment)

      --- In Constitution_Debate@yahoogroups.com, Don Schwarz
      <vigilespaladin@...> wrote:
      > Federal Reserve private central bank corporation lowers
      > rental rates 0.75%.
      > I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.
      > The less value something has, the less interest you charge for its
      > Do you know why over 60% of all US currency circulates overseas?
      > Well, as the interest can't be paid off to the Federal Reserve,
      > they print more currency to pay themselves back.
      > So more inflationary dollars go into circulation.
      > Now think of this: Do you earn more interest off $1 Trillion
      > dollars in circulation, or $10 Trillion dollars in circulation?
      > Do you see how the unpaid interest creates more dollars
      > that go into circulation that earn even more interest?
      > You do know that this will completely bankrupt his nation.
      > Oh, when the Federal Reserve private central banking corporation
      > lowers its interest rate, they are telling you the dollar is very
      > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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