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  • Frog Farmer
    I ve been forwarding all these Daum messages because his posts have gems for the discerning. Here that part about immediately going to a magistrate was a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2008
      I've been forwarding all these Daum messages because his posts have gems
      for the discerning. Here that part about immediately going to a
      magistrate was a thought I was earlier considering myself this morning.

      In the initial moment of confrontation, we can give the contestant for
      credibility three choices:

      1. If the matter is an emergency, we can let a magistrate hold a
      probable cause hearing immediately.

      2. If it's not an emergency, we can schedule a formal docketed
      administrative hearing on the record with his or her commanding
      officer at a time and place suitable for all parties.

      3. We could forget the matter.

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      > > Although it is pleasant sometimes to commiserate we might
      > > admit it to be counterproductive. If you crave peace then
      > > behave yourself and you will be permitted to serve the regime
      > > until you die.
      > >
      > > ***Yet it is done, on a grand scale, and when they have you,
      > > they have you, and it is into a kangaroo court you go with
      > > chains on, and under the gun. Then what?***
      > >
      > > Then observe what it is like to live in a military dictatorship.
      > > It doesn't take too much imagination. It is preferable to lay
      > > down the law BEFORE you have a gun to your head.

      [FF: Again, instant action in the initial moment of confrontation is far
      better than surrender and hoping for kind treatment. Magistrates are
      required to be on call 24/7. When you get there after demanding it, the
      goon bringing you usually needs to "lay the complaint" before the
      magistrate, and usually THERE ISN'T ANY COMPLAINT, which requires you to
      be released unless you waive that too. But most can easily be tricked
      into making the "not guilty plea" and thus waving so many rights, and
      then they are held for trial. The best defense is a good offense.
      Disqualify everyone against you! Or at least try to do it. If it
      doesn't turn out the way you want, you haven't lost anything and can try
      other steps that come after the first ones.]

      > > MOST chancelleries you fall into are not constitutional courts so be
      > > prepared to make a Parthian Shot. (If you immediately summon the
      > > magistrate to answer to the law in real court for operating a bucket
      > > shop you might get somewhere - If you're hoping someone else will
      > > do it you are a loser.)
      > >
      > > ***Yes I understand that, but when they have you there in orange
      > > jump suit and chained at gunpoint, isn't calling their attention
      > > to this going to give them a royal laugh?***
      > >
      > > Are you sure that they are not deceiving you when they "laugh?"
      > > Do you play poker? What if they are "bluffing?"

      [FF: Everyone should learn and play Texas Hold'em to learn what the game
      offers. It has changed me, and has helped me in many areas of life in
      just the two years I've known about it.]

      > > I have been in chanceries at the end of the session when only the
      > > attorneys are present and had a whole slew of them snickering and
      > > giggling. The referee judge pro tempore assured me that everything
      > > I had filed was invalid useless nonsense and that I would come back
      > > and be punished for my impertinence. Then I was notified by mail
      > > that the charge was dismissed...

      [FF: Like in poker, you cannot take seriously what someone SAYS. The
      record itself is what counts in court. Tip: check your court file EVERY
      FRIDAY early, and if you are observant, you might see changes made in it
      that might prove incriminating to whoever changed it.]


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