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Oath surfaces again as key issue

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  • Frog Farmer
    [I am posting this article, which contains good tips for going to court, or less! How does it relate to court? STEP ONE!!!!!] [FF sez: look at how the oath of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2008
      [I am posting this article, which contains good tips for going to court,
      or less! How does it relate to court? STEP ONE!!!!!]

      [FF sez: look at how the oath of office provides people with powers that
      are stolen if the oath is not taken and heeded. I have some more
      comments in square brackets when we get to the part that raised my blood

      South Carolina Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!?!

      by Mark A. Adams JD/MBA January 14, 2008

      South Carolina elections are unconstitutional? How could that be?
      Surely, no one in our government would conduct any election which
      violated the Constitution, and if any scheme threatened to undermine the
      very foundation of our government, our power to elect our leaders, the
      press would expose it, wouldn't it?

      After all, our government was founded upon the principle that all of its
      actions must comply with the Constitution. In fact, Article VI of the
      Constitution of South Carolina requires all of the State's officers to
      swear an oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of this
      State and of the United States." So, they would probably at least read
      it before enacting any new law, right?

      [FF sez: THIS is my BIGGEST "pet peeve"! Today's paycheck-anticipating
      trough-feeding in-fill-traitors do not even take the time to READ the
      two pertinent constitutions (national and their own state's). Lesser
      local tyrants who await their booty as municipal corporate officers
      never seem to read them either, nor do they appear to read the charters
      of their organizations, and so often never notice that the charter is
      MISSING! Unfortunately, today's victims of government also do not take
      the little time it takes to read and think about the points raised in
      the foundation documents. So they suffer accordingly.]

      Well, you would think so, but as most people now realize, far too many
      in power in our government believe that they are the law. I've had
      judges tell me that, but I'll save judicial arrogance and lack of
      respect for the law and the facts for another day.

      [FF: Too many of their victims consider them the law as well. No wonder
      the megalomaniacs tend to believe it - the people reinforce the belief
      EVERY DAY! Incongruous anomalies offered as excuses for everything no
      longer raise the people's suspicions, because they don't have any
      suspicions about anything (except getting fewer FRNs than they are
      entitled to receive!) as a result of public brainwashing in special
      "public schools" where every year, Americans get dumber and dumber.
      They even have a movie of that name to watch to make them all feel like
      geniuses when their self-esteem is drooping amid suicidal thoughts
      caused by overly-prescribed proprietary "meds" which compete in
      television ads between the shows which give foreigners a live view of
      American idiocy ala Jerry Springer, People's Court, Judge Judy, et al,
      which millions of "illegal immigrants" (?) take as gospel truth about
      what surrounds them when they get here.]

      Of course, other government leaders may just think that if someone else
      in government has proposed something, then it must be Constitutional
      because of course, they would have checked that before proposing a new
      law or program. Besides, there is so much important work to do in the
      halls of government that there isn't time to go reading everything and
      the Constitutions all of the time. After all, there are lunches,
      dinners, press conferences, and fundraisers to attend.

      [I only needed to read the constitutions a few times (after all, they
      are like pamphlets) and think about the parts I understood, and noted
      the parts I didn't understand for future research. I only needed to be
      told a few times about poison ivy and poison oak as a child, and I've
      NEVER had a case of either one, even though I've lived where they lived.
      Some stuff is still simple and obvious. I've often been on hikes where
      people have taken offense when I point out that they are about to dose
      themselves with a Big Itch, because they always claim to have seen it
      and would have avoided it anyway. So now I get to watch people do it,
      and have to stay away from touching them. You cannot save everyone.]

      Whether it is because some think that they can ignore the law because
      they are above it or whether some don't bother to read the law because
      they just assume that the one who proposed it did, a lack of respect for
      the law causes serious problems. John Locke said that without respect
      for the law, there is tyranny. We all understand that when the law is
      not applied equally, it is unfair, unjust. Obviously, when the
      Constitution is ignored, fundamental rights get trampled.

      [FF: and that is not just a figure of speech. Today, you could get rich
      betting that the next trough-feeder never read it. I know because here
      in California, there's a part that someone who is about to be made a
      state officer should wake up and realize that it refers to him when he
      reads it. It would be hard to pass over. And it is totally unequivocal
      in its terms, and the state's statutes all refer to it and support it,
      as they indeed MUST! Still, some oppose it, and violate it with
      impunity in the vacuum of public concern for anything but bread and
      circuses. Many have been the times when I've been the first to show it
      to somebody whose literal life is on the line under the belief that the
      person who never read it somehow shares in powers that only reading it
      AND obeying it can convey. These poor slobs never were told about it,
      and so, like most of them when leaving the indoctrination centers called
      "schools", they never continue to learn on their own. Nobody told them
      to read it, so they never do. They do not understand the concept of
      "upholding" the terms of the unread documents, UNTIL I introduce them to
      it, and then they usually agree with me that (a) they are supposed to
      uphold it and (b) they cannot offer a good explanation for why they are
      NOT upholding it, as I present the current scenario to them for their
      consideration. Imagine Rod Serling and the rotating spiral...did I date
      myself yet?]

      Our Founders understood that people would not devote time, effort, and
      resources to productive endeavors if the fruits of their labors could be
      taken from them at the whim of someone with power.

      [FF: Council on Foreign Relations solved this by removing the jobs
      overseas. Now the "fruits" the people are given in return for life,
      liberty and property come from a printing press and are endorsed by the
      slaves themselves in a check signing ceremony every "payday", and they
      line up at post offices at midnight every April 15th to pay the interest
      on the created debt they themselves endorsed and have agreed to pay.]

      They understood that any government which allowed its leaders to ignore
      the law, change the law at their whim, or trample fundamental rights
      harmed everyone and put everyone at risk. They risked their lives and
      fortunes in order to throw off the burdens of a government that could
      and did ignore their fundamental rights.

      [FF: Yes, but the founders' lives were not pledged at birth to pay off
      unlawful debts and they were not bankrupt from birth as are most of
      today's Americans who fail to see that an account maintained in
      unpayable imaginary units of "elastic" debt only amasses unpayable
      imaginary debt.]

      Our Founders understood that the people had the power to abolish any
      government which acted in a manner which harmed the public welfare, and
      they endeavored to give us a peaceful means of controlling our
      government. To prevent tyranny and the violence of oppressions and
      revolutions which flow from it, they designed a system of checks and
      balances which includes the three branches of government, the press, and
      the public through elections, the right to assemble, the right to
      freedom of speech, the right to petition for a redress of grievances
      both civil and criminal in nature, and through service on both trial
      juries and on grand juries.

      [People now choose to waive their rights early and often, ignoring any
      checks or balances provided by their founding documents. Go to a mall
      and ask 20 people to name 5 national constitutional rights, or just
      three state constitutional rights. "Huh?"]

      In order to help guard against abuses of power, elections were required
      to be held on a regular basis. Of course, great care was taken to
      protect the power of the people to control their government through
      elections. Our Founders understood that without frequent and reliable
      elections, a government of and for the people would not endure for long.
      They understood tyranny, oppression, and revolution, and they wanted to
      protect their children and grand-children from such horrors.

      [FF: They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions!]

      They took care to make sure that our power to control our government
      through elections was protected from fraud and undue influence.

      [FF: the best time and place for that is that one initial moment of
      confrontation. Waiting (like for elections) does not help you. Vote
      yourself the power to resist and speak immediately to disqualify those
      who would have you lose a right for any cause or reason!]

      They required that the polls be open to observers and that the ballots
      be collected, stored, and counted in public in order to minimize the
      chance that an election might be stolen. They understood the need to
      protect the integrity of elections long before Joseph Stalin said,
      "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes
      decide everything."

      [FF: A lot of former commies are now in our government offices laughing
      their collective butts off at Americans as a people. Many Americans
      think Stalin was a great man, the same way they like to vote for the one
      they think will win an election, as if it were a horse race and their
      vote was their wager. They'd rather to be able to say they voted for
      the winner than that they voted for the best man. Now it's generally
      understood that even the best try to vote for the lesser of two evils.]

      So, how could it be that the government of the great State of South
      Carolina, one of the original States, would institute any system of
      elections which would violate fundamental principles? Wouldn't the press
      raise an alarm if an election system was proposed which violated the

      The people wouldn't stand for anything that would undermine their most
      fundamental right to control their government, or would they? If the
      vast majority of the people didn't know what was going on because the
      press was controlled by a small cartel which chose to divert their
      attention away from changes which threatened to undermine their
      fundamental rights, would an alert minority be able to protect against
      erosion of our control over our government?

      If very few people even understood our own history or studied our
      Constitutions because they were educated in a system which lacked any
      real competition, would an alert minority even exist? If so, would it be
      so small that it could not alert and educate the masses in time to
      protect our fundamental right to control our own government? Would it be
      able to overcome the beliefs, the assurances, and the illusion that our
      leaders are working to spread democracy, that we have an ability to
      control them, and that they are fighting for our votes?

      Certainly, those people in our government are good, honest Americans,
      aren't they? Those people on TV who bring us the news wouldn't keep us
      in the dark, would they? Those people in the press have to search for
      news about movie stars and even bake sales. Certainly, they would want
      to tell us if someone were taking away our fundamental right to elect
      our leaders, wouldn't they?

      Well, for a very long time, I also thought so, and until Friday, January
      11, 2008, at about 4:00 PM, I would have said that it was unlikely that
      the government of South Carolina would implement a plan to conduct its
      elections which blatantly violated its Constitution. I said unlikely
      because I have handled more election contests than any other attorney or
      former attorney that I know of, and I have first hand experience with
      proof that the official results of elections in Florida are false, as in
      not true. This means that these elections were most likely fixed,
      fraudulent, stolen. Of course, the votes were counted in secret.

      Unfortunately, I know that for far too many judges who sit in our
      courts, the law and the facts mean nothing.

      [FF axes: How can this lawyer know what any judges are thinking about
      anything if he never encountered the facts that Paul Andrew Mitchell is
      uncovering, that a judge who is really a judge is an endangered species,
      not just here in California, but throughout the whole nation, at all
      levels? It saddens me that most people accept as a given the
      foundations of their oppression.]

      The evidence we gathered meant nothing because the Florida state court
      dismissed the Congressional election contests saying it did not have
      jurisdiction even though a United States Supreme Court case said that a
      state court does have jurisdiction to entertain an action for a recount.
      I know that nine members of Congress who serve on the House Committee on
      Administration were willing to ignore the law and the facts in order to
      cover up for election fraud in Florida. I wonder if the voters in their
      districts know that they don't care about respecting the will of the

      On Friday afternoon, I got a call from a concerned person in South
      Carolina. She told me that the upcoming Presidential primary would be
      conducted on touch screen voting machines and that she was worried that
      votes may not be counted accurately, or even worse, that votes may be
      stolen. That's right, stolen. Many are worried about our elections being
      stolen. In fact, a Zogby poll from August of 2006 indicates that 92% of
      Americans are worried about our votes being counted in secret.


      Mark A. Adams earned his BA in business administration with a major in
      finance and a minor in economics at the University of South Florida. He
      earned his law degree and his master of business administration at the
      University of Florida where he also worked as a teaching assistant in
      the Economics Department. Mark practiced law in Florida. In 2006, Mark
      represented Max Linn, the Reform Party candidate for Governor of
      Florida, in successful lawsuits brought against the media to require his
      inclusion in the Gubernatorial debates. Mark also represented John
      Russell, Clint Curtis, Frank Gonzalez, and others in contesting the
      official results of the 2006 elections in Florida state court and before
      the U.S. House of Representatives. Mark has been involved in the
      judicial reform movement since 2003, the media reform movement since
      2004, and the election reform movement since 2006. Before those years,
      he believed that judges followed the law, that our media told us the
      truth, and that our votes were counted. Beliefs that most of us once
      held and that many still hold on to. Unfortunately, Mark, like many of
      us, learned that these beliefs were no longer true. However, Mark
      believes that we can counteract the forces which have destroyed these
      institutions if we face reality and take action before it is too late.
      Mark asks that you please remember that the American dream will die and
      our children will suffer if the people do not know what their government
      leaders are doing, if the people are not able to vote ineffective or
      corrupt leaders out of office, or if judges can ignore the law and the
      facts with no repercussions!

      [FF sez: People ask, "but what can one person do?" They can take
      charge in their own lives, and demand strict adherence to their
      constitutions, especially when they go into a courtroom. In the
      courtroom, one is in control of his court until he surrenders to
      another, who is usually a bar member or was until he rose to the judge
      position. Now we have all the evidence we need to be free: we have our
      constitutions (for a little longer) and we have the evidence that those
      who would rule us without them have only the authority of our own
      consent to be subjugated. We know the law is in our side. But people
      need the will and courage to use it without waiting for a crowd to go
      ahead of them. Enough individuals will BE the crowd, but it will happen
      spontaneously, like reaching critical mass, because those who take
      control of their lives will not be waiting for others or depending upon
      getting help from others. Their rights are important now, not at some
      future date. We cannot wait for our efforts to be reported in the media
      when even a presidential candidate who beat Rude Dee Julie Annie in the
      polls can get blacked out. Regards, FF ]
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