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RE: "Income tax", fed reserve, denies UNITY of a person.

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Right. ... Right again. ... Wrong! ... No, I have something better and more powerful for them to understand first. ... THAT I can believe! I ve been left
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2007
      Don Schwarz wrote:

      > I copy that, but until people see how they are being
      > ripped off, they will do nothing.


      > My posting is to inform people that their earnings
      > are discounted and reduced in value.

      Right again.

      > This is done by the "income tax".


      > Nothing else matters if the people don't first understand
      > this.

      No, I have something better and more powerful for them to understand

      > They won't be able to make the connection.

      THAT I can believe! I've been left almost speechless (and actually
      quite riled) during the last 48 hours due to people unable to read or
      understand English, and who despite admitting they see the correctness
      of my instant legal position, they cannot act in accordance with their
      own consciences due to fear of punitive action against them on the part
      of some unnamable corporate superior they can only imagine exists. They
      cannot give me a name for The Feared One, nor can they explain their
      actions when they interpret the "company policy" that is at issue. Most
      of them cannot even comprehend the issue! Those who do admit I'm right
      but they aren't going to be the ones to go against the "policy". Now,
      here's the killer: their own policy agrees with ME, but their own
      ignorance of English makes them mentally define a word incorrectly in
      their own little individual minds. I have no problem with the real
      policy, but only with their employees' ability to understand and apply
      it correctly. When I ask each individual where they get their authority
      to define a word totally improperly, thinking they might have a reason
      for it, none can say anything, like, "I got it from my dictionary" or
      "Mr. Snedley told me it means that!" or "when I was hired they told me
      it means that!" But, they can say NOTHING in defense of their actions
      and say, "I don't want to argue with you." I say, "what is the argument
      as you see it?" No answer. Another says, I don't want to get into it
      with you." I say, what do you think is the issue? You can't get into it
      because to do so you'd have to understand what it is first!" So, I
      worked my way from bottom to top and didn't find one human with backbone
      enough to either do what they knew was the right thing, or say why they
      wouldn't do it. But they all complained about me and the feelings I
      made them have to their boss on the site, and he approached me and
      almost begged me to never take the issue up with him or any of his
      people again, and to go to the distant home office of the corporation to
      beg for them to stop what I had already proven was illegal
      discrimination. I told them I had no problem with the corporation's
      policy, but with their own inability to obey the rules of the English
      language and I showed them all how they incorrectly defined a word they
      use, and that if their logic was followed to its conclusion it would
      result in an absurd result in conflict with laws they were already
      deemed to know. This did not affect them; absurdity is no stopper
      anymore! I used a current government form they were all supposedly
      deemed to have been given as prospective employees, because it too
      demonstrated the truth of my position, and yet NOT ONE admitted ever
      seeing the form (I-9) or the instructions (required by employers since
      1986). They felt offended that I would go through it line by line for
      them. They really didn't want any new knowledge or understanding as
      individuals. Paycheck anticipation and a palpable fear of its loss
      ruled all senses.

      Okay, here's what's prior to the income tax as far as Americans having
      their labor discounted: it's their fear of demanding real payment from
      their employers and each other, and their willingness to endorse checks
      discharged with FRNs. Americans screw themselves in that manner, and
      "the" "income" "tax" is another way for these voluntary submissive
      uncurious suckers to submit themselves for a reaming.


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