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    For those that believe in coincidences, you may want to read Revelation 13 and _TITLE 42_ (http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/42/usc_sup_01_42.html)
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      For those that believe in coincidences, you may want to read Revelation 13 and

      TITLE 42 > CHAPTER 7 > SUBCHAPTER IV > Part D > § 666.

      The later is very informative about how the social security number is not yours. Better confirmed in

      TITLE 42 > CHAPTER 7 > SUBCHAPTER II > § 405

       § 405. Evidence, procedure, and certification for payments

      (c) (2)  (B)

      (i) In carrying out the Commissioner’s duties under subparagraph (A) and subparagraph (F), the Commissioner of Social Security shall take affirmative measures to assure that social security account numbers will, to the maximum extent practicable, be assigned to all members of appropriate groups or categories of individuals by assigning such numbers (or ascertaining that such numbers have already been assigned):


      Saying it is a social security number is incorrect, social security account number is actually the correct verbiage. Thusly, it requires one's cognitive choice to be numbered, in return for the privilege of doing business. When numbered, you are required to use your number to number your children then turn over possession of them to the State.



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