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letter for verified assesment

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    name and address certified mail number ________________________ Linda E. Stiff, # , AgentName, # , IRSTitle, c/o LINDA E. STIFF, Acting Commissioner of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2007
      name and address
      certified mail number ________________________

      Linda E. Stiff, #   ,

      AgentName, #  , IRSTitle,

      c/o LINDA E. STIFF,

      Acting Commissioner of Internal Revenue

      Internal Revenue Service

      Room 5226

      1111 Constitution Avenue, NW

      Washington, D.C. 20224



      AgentName, #, IRSTitle

      Mailing Address

      City, State Zip





      Notice of Demand for Verified Assessment for Year 1990,

      account #        ;

      For Cease and Desist Abusive Collection Practice



      Commissioner of Internal Revenue; AgentName; To Whom This May Concern:


                  Commissioner, et al., “You” are herein demanded by the undersigned to verify that Your, and Your delegates’, collection activities and performances are within Your official duties as the officer or employee or assignee of the United States Government; and specifically,  2) You are demanded by the undersigned to prepare and produce to the undersigned written verified assessment(s) concerning all supposed liability and debt for any years questioned for account #            , including, but not limited to, calendar year 1990; and, 3) You are hereby noticed: You are not authorized to come to My dwelling(s) or work place(s) as it intimidates Me, causes Me to suffer undue duress and distress, is absolutely unnecessary, and is abusive practice against Me under U.S. federal and Arizona state law upon Your receipt of this notice; and, 4) You are herein noticed that until You have provided to Me the demanded verified assessment(s) for any alleged liability and debt that all further activity by You or Your delegates, including, but not limited to, failed reimbursement of or the continued collection process of an unverified liability or debt, is willful abusive practice and categorically willful direct violation of U.S. federal law and Arizona state law; and, 5) You are noticed that henceforth, I authorize You to contact Me only by mail at the mailing address above; and, 6) You have 30 days to act in accordance with this demand.

                  I look forward to Your support in remediation of the alleged liability(s) and debt(s), the immediate cessation of abusive practices by You and Your delegates, and the appropriate prompt return of all personal property.

                  Notice to agent is notice to principal; notice to principal is notice to agent.




      Full Name                                                            



      cc:       Peter Keisler, Acting Attorney General, U.S.

                  Terry Goddard, Arizona Attorney General

                  Gale Garriott, Director Arizona Department of Revenue       

      John-Chester: Stuart: sovereign without subjects

      c/o postal service location
      21001 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 1630472
      Phoenix, Arizona republic cf 85050 cf

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