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Re: [tips_and_tricks] RE: U.S. District Court Fees (District of Alaska)

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  • bill bartlett
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      Subject: [tips_and_tricks] RE: U.S. District Court Fees (District of Alaska)

      > From: The Handyman [mailto:ebobie@hughes. net] wrote:

      > Gordon Epperly is an Alaskan Patriot that works very hard at
      > litigation. Like all of us he
      > Is the target of corrupt Judges trying to financially destroy him. Be
      > sure to read the
      > Link below. I've been complaining about court fees since January.
      > All courts, state
      > and federal, have gone up.

      James Allen Daum pays no fees. He sees doing so as a waiver of rights,
      and he sees the attempt to collect them as an attempt to get a person to
      waive rights. Many see going into United States District Courts as a
      waiver as opposed to using the District Court of the United States.
      Today people tend to use what is offered them (convenience and
      expedience) and do not seek out that which is hidden from them
      (requiring time and effort).

      When only evidence of debt circulates as money among a deceived people,
      those deceived ones are forced to become either debtors or creditors.
      Those professing to be Christians obeying Scripture are placed in a

      There is an economy that avoids debt and uses substance lawfully defined
      as money in this country. That economy is ignored by the corporate
      fascists who would prefer that it be wiped out, so people looking for
      confirmation of its existence have to look a little harder to find it.
      People often express wonder and amazement that such an economy exists,
      and often question aloud how such a thing could work. Few realize it
      was everyday American life from 1792 until after 1964. Those who
      remember should be hard to fool; those born after that should be
      expected to be totally fooled.



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