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Re: FF's IMOC & Handyman's Moving Violation Dismissed

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  • rebel382003
    Virgil has informed us the Arizona judge s manual Dealing With the Maverick. is a loose-leaf manual of ancient vintage and it appears it might have been
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 3, 2007
      Virgil has informed us the Arizona judge's manual "Dealing With the
      Maverick." is a loose-leaf manual of ancient vintage and it appears
      it might have been produced by the office of the AG.

      There was a confidential loose-leaf handbook for trial judges 20
      years ago in this state that was produced by the state bar
      association. It is not recalled to have been oriented toward the
      dealing with non-lawyers but served as a handy reference book of
      legal points. To believe a copy was not made available to each
      lawyer involved in trial litigation would be naive.

      There was also a hardback manual for federal judges dealing with non-
      professional litigants mentioned on the internet several years ago
      and was found in the law library. It dealt with issues frequently
      raised by non-professionals and typical responses.

      The important question is whether any litigants or potential
      litigants were denied the opportunity to file papers in a judicial
      court in the state of Arizona as implied by Virgil. If that
      practice can be documented by affidavit, it would appear to be
      actionable in federal court. If federal litigation is initiated, the
      Arizona manual would be an object for discovery. This assumes the
      litigants have not been individually restricted from filing in a
      court due to historical abuse of filing.

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