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RE: Group rules-who needs 'em??

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Would you mind quoting that part, and then explaining how it does that? Also, I m just another input out of over 2000 people. I have no power over who
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 25, 2007
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      > Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 11:24 AM
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      > Subject: Re: Group rules-who needs 'em??
      > It's nice that you can make your statement to the
      > entire group and make it seem as if someone is a
      > complete idiot but you refuse to let that person post
      > to the same group.

      Would you mind quoting that part, and then explaining how it does that?

      Also, I'm just another input out of over 2000 people. I have no power
      over who posts anything. It's not my list. Maybe I'm surrounded by

      > I was looking for information from your group and you
      > decided to turn it into a pissing match.

      Again, it's not "my group" and I am one to realize that anything named
      "court tips and tricks" or whatever the formal name is, is ALL ABOUT
      "pissing matches" and it's a lot better to practice it online than in a
      courtroom where the outcome can be more drastic than hurt feelings. I
      wish you had used quoting like I always do, that way I'd have a better
      idea of what you are referring to. If you had an idea different than
      one I expressed, you might have been able to share it also in a way that
      didn't appear to be a personal message better left to e-mail like this

      Because I don't discuss list topics for free, even if they are about the
      list itself, I'm going to post this reply to it so others might agree or
      disagree and express themselves in a way that makes either of us look
      like an idiot. Then we can hold a poll for those who wait to act in
      concert with the majority.

      > You may have a lot of information to pass on

      Not really. You must be new to the list, thinking it was mine and all
      that. If you weren't so new, you'd know that I have messages blocked
      for rules like everyone else, and you'd also know that I'm a Johnny-
      One-Note" because I spend most of my list-related efforts trying to get
      a larger number of the over 2,000 (do even 1% post messages anyway??)
      see my strategy of prioritizing things in a proper temporal order, and
      that I have settled upon the substance of what I consider to be WHEN a
      "case" begins (in the IMOC*) (look in the mirror and say that three
      times!) AND how to deal with it in those first few seconds ("Disqualify
      The Bastards!").

      Now, about spelling: most of my life there was never a question of
      having a "stance" on correct spelling. Only after the mass diseducation
      following the 1970s could such a concept come up. I thought I was
      helping people figuratively born only yesterday when I informed the
      group of the power and effect of a misspelled word in a court setting.
      Do you care to refute my understanding and explain how and where anyone
      gets the power to make record that you meant other than what you
      actually said? Do they even do that for mentally retarded people? They
      can't get away with trying to do it with me.

      > but your
      > stance on knowing what someone is going to do with and
      > having correct spelling shows that you are doing
      > exactly what the government is doing.

      I would never claim to know what 2,000 people will do with anything. I
      know that the outcome will be different for the correct spellers than
      for the incorrect spellers.

      I do a lot of things the government does. You'd be surprised. If you
      do nothing the government does, I can't wait to see the biographical
      movie of your life!

      > But i guess that makes you feel better.

      I don't really understand you, since your whole premise has been wrong
      from the start. Would you like to try again to communicate your real
      problem? Is it spelling? Or is it that I'm politically incorrect in
      letting people supposedly interested in court fights experience rising
      adrenaline levels when I strike a nerve?

      One last point - what does it say about one who only sees the list as a
      place to get information? And then, what does it say when after their
      own consideration of it, they come to totally wrong conclusions about
      what they read? Is it really wrong if I treat list opponents the same
      way I'd treat a new prosecutor or judge? My poker mentor says to never
      give anything to the game, and that poker is applicable to many other
      areas of life. Two years ago I never heard of the game, now I don't
      feel the day complete until I've won at least two sit-down tournaments.
      My poker and mixed martial arts training, little as they both were, each
      played their part in my last IMOC, disqualification session and victory!

      I can't wait to see some of your favorite tips and tricks on the list!
      I'll be watching for them, and maybe soon newbies will mistake the list
      for being yours!!


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