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    Hopefully this is done: One legal size page. DATE: September 21, 2007 To: The Honorable John B. Shadegg 306 Cannon Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-3361
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      Hopefully this is done: One legal size page.

           DATE:  September 21, 2007


        To: The Honorable John B. Shadegg
      306 Cannon
      Washington, D.C. 20515
      (202) 225-3361

        From:    John-Chester of the family Stuart    c/o p.s.l. 3540 E. Expedition Way    Phoenix, Arizona republic


                                                      RE:       Personal opinion


        Dear Representative Shadegg;                                                     

        You are my elected representative and thusly I have the right to ask, and you have the duty to answer in an open and honest manner, questions of extreme importance concerning my rights and obligations and your opinions thereof.


      My query may appear simple yet it reaches to the very foundation of our great Republic and may be used to ascertain the cause of its demise.


      Do you consider me a “human being” or a “person”? Although both words have similar laymen definitions their legal definitions were altered as a pretense to enslave the people of our country.


      A human being is a man upon the Earth created by the one great Creator with certain rights and responsibilities, some of which are enumerated by our Constitution.


      A person, in the legal since is a corporation and/or also a slave with only privileges granted to it by its owner or the entity that has authority over it.


      Accordingly, as a human being my labor is my own to do with as I will, including without limitation, trading it for an equal remuneration. Said remuneration is thusly not a profit or gain. Neither is a human being’s labor a commodity or article in commerce. See: Clayton Act of 1914 section 17.


      Also accordingly, as a person, one’s labor is truly owned by the one who has authority over it and any remuneration is thusly a gain and/or profit. Inversely to a human being’s labor, a person’s labor is a commodity and an article in commerce.


      What say ye congressman, am I a human being or a person, for no man may be both?      

      (your response)     ____________________________________

      If you think I am a person, on what grounds do you base such an opinion? As no man can be born into a condition of servitude or owe fealty to a fictional entity.                                                                (Your response)     ____________________________________

      Such truth as recognized by the 13th Amendment, “Involuntary servitude shall not exist”…

      In respect for my beliefs I ask that you not attempt the typical politician avoidance of truth and commitment by directing me to some legal pamphlet designed to obfuscate the truth, as you did with my previous request for information, just simply answer the question according to your own beliefs and understandings. Whatever your answer may be, I will accept as your commitment to the corresponding concepts.

      If you are unable to answer such a simple question, please inform me of who or what you fear so greatly that you are willing to discard your soul and honor for payment in power.


      Please see AMERICA : FREEDOM TO FASCISM, a movie I was fortunate to assist with, it has a cameo of an enlightened congressman from the republic of Texas , The Honorable Ron Paul.

      Clayton Act of 1914, section 17 says: “The labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce” (emphasis mine). 


        In the event you decide to not reply to this letter with in 10 days I must accept that you are in agreement, in your official capacity as a member of Congress, that I am a human being and any documents claiming me to be otherwise are fraudulent and shall always be considered invalid by any and all courts and government entities in all of these united States and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


      As always, it is my pleasure to be,



      John-Chester of the family Stuart, a Sovereign man

      Mailed by USPS Certified Mail # 7004 5210 0005 9622 7769 on September 21, 2007         

      C.c. The Honorable Ron Paul of Texas


      John-Chester: Stuart: sovereign without subjects

      c/o postal service location
      21001 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 1630472
      Phoenix, Arizona republic cf 85050 cf

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