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  • Moisha Pippik
    ... FF replied: Do I say should ? I remember that I DID raise the issue, but I also remember that I said I d be working on and filing the paper, and I cited
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 27, 2007
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      Al Cintra-Leite wrote:

      > No, You told me not to waste filing paperwork about judges on peolpe
      > who werent really judges or I would look crazy, now you are saying I
      > SHOULD have??/

      FF replied: Do I say "should"? I remember that I DID raise the issue, but I also
      remember that I said I'd be working on and filing the paper, and I cited
      the sections, etc. Do I have to do all the thinking and writing? I do
      not write legal papers for people to blindly file. Couldn't you word
      things such as to expose the dilemma that "should" have existed in your
      mind at that moment? [Sorry, Bear for all these questions that may seem
      rhetorical or Socratic but believe me, THEY ARE NOT!]..............................
      Moisha's response to Al Centra and group:
      It is so easy to blame someone else for our situations.  Frog Farmer and others are here to share experiences, knowledge, doing things right, and doing things wrong. FF, Bear, myself, and others have done many things wrong at least once, and admitted such.   Let me share a story about me......I have been in this arena(studying and researching law) for about 3 years  and there are some things I can do based on current situations, and some things I have not been able to do based on past experiences.  Now, I may be able to do them in the future, but I had to do them wrong the first time.  Somehow, I learn after the embarrasment and anger that I experience from doing something wrong.  This whole journey through life, including the alleged courts, with the alleged judges, and alleged peace officers, and alleged state agencies, is about making sense of it in my time.  No one else can make me understand.  Only my creator has the power to give me understanding, with a willingness on my part.  I don't believe I will ever be able to understand quantom physics, nor at this point do I even have the inclination to learn about it.  However, that uneasy feeling I used to get when knowing something was wrong with getting arrested for not having a drivers license, or being charged by an ex-girlfriend for burglary in another town I was never in, and being arrested for it, had my brain scrambelled.  I knew something was wrong, but was never willing to research, and prove to myself that what others were saying applied to me, was misapplied, or simply was not something I wanted to pursue.
      Now, as of today, I have learned some things that help me out in dealing with my adversaries(and I use adversaries with great lattitude).  "First things first" is a quote that FF never fails to mention.  We are so used to assuming the judge is a judge, the court is a court, the state is a state, driving is driving, etc, etc.  Every time I ASSuME something, it has bitten me in the arse.  My arse is tired of being bitten, and waiving rights is not my hobby any longer.  I cannot emphasize this enough, study THEIR codes, statutes ordinances, etc.  This is not for us to apply to us, it is for us to apply to them(the courts and their actors).  Of course, their codes do not provide all the remedies, but even using their rules, you can easily win, because the courts and actors are never prepared for a challenge.  I enjoy that response every time I step onto their stages.  Remember, we do not have to follow their rules, but we can force them to follow their rules.  Disqualfication of an alleged judge, challenging subject matter jurisdiction, filing counterclaims, filing criminal charges for numerous crimes, contacting the insurance company supplying the bonding agent for the actor, are all remedies.  You or I may not like one, or any of the provided remedies, and come up with our own remedy.  There are numerous remedies that have been supplied to us, and for free mind you, on this forum.  I don't remember paying for any of this free knowledge, and would not think to blame someone for their remedy not working in my case.  But, there was a time when that was the easiest thing to do, because I was lazy, and wanted someone else to do the work, research, and take the blame, yet if it did work, I would be the reason it did.
      One last suggestion, which I learned in another group I belong which must stay Anonymous.......those people's words that make you most angry are words that you must vigilantly research.
      This is not a silver bullet forum, but it sure could be, if only we did "first things first".


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