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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Public Library Access

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Maybe he thinks all states are the same. Maybe he s a captive in the federal zone. Maybe he was in a state of confusion, or maybe a state of satiation
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 4, 2007
      Legalbear [mailto:bear@...] wrote:

      > I rejected the post on the basis that there was no substance to the
      > post, it appeared to be a "dredging post", and that the poster did not
      > say what state he was in.

      Maybe he thinks all states are the same. Maybe he's a captive in the
      federal zone. Maybe he was in a state of confusion, or maybe a state of
      satiation with pornography, or withdrawal. Hard to say...

      > The poster replied with the following:
      > "Dear editor , You are doing a disservice to those seeking answers and
      > knowledge!!!!!!!!! Shame on you for imposing your standards on
      > others!!!"

      Standards are the issue today. There's no shame on imposing standards
      on what is yours. Imposing standards is the way to win in court! And
      in life!

      > I have been building this group and monitoring it
      > since 2002. I took it from 50 members to over 2500.

      What a small percentage of all the Americans who could benefit for

      > I do not get paid
      > directly for doing it. To date I have reviewed more than 15,000
      > messages.

      You know you love it!

      > I have the ability to simply delete your message when it
      > does not suit me. Instead, I took the time to tell you what you needed
      > to do to make your message acceptable to my group. For this you want
      > to impose shame on me??

      Don't get too mad at him - he did go to a lawyer. And he has time for
      pornographic studies. Pray for him!

      > When you say, "You are doing a disservice to
      > those seeking answers and knowledge!!!!!!!!!" all you are doing is
      > making my point.

      The irony! :-)

      > I told you, "I replied in my rejection that I would
      > allow his message when he put with it what research he had done and
      > what tactics he was trying or thinking of trying.

      I'd like to know what right was being infringed, besides a "civil right"
      (really just a privilege).

      > For some reason it
      > just does not sit well with me to let people troll the group with
      > posts that they invest nothing in for free legal research or for
      > somebody to ride in on their white horse and save the day for free.

      I try to save the day for free but it hasn't worked yet. People need to
      make things complicated while they cannot seem to handle the simple
      parts. "First things first." Just that "tip" alone helps me a lot.

      > Here's another way to put it, if you are going to use Tips & Tricks to
      > ask for free help with your legal problem, please ask in a post that
      > includes some substance including what state you are in; some facts
      > that we can think about; some research that you have done; some
      > reasoning that you have already gone through; and the details of what
      > you have already tried and the results." Please try to understand; I
      > am trying to get you, in your request for "answers and knowledge" to
      > include some answers and knowledge IN YOUR REQUEST! Do you get it?? I
      > want you to give out some "answers and knowledge" while requesting
      > "answers and knowledge". What are you telling me?? Are you telling me
      > in the above reply that you are above making a contribution to the
      > group's knowledge? Are you saying that I am standing in the way of YOU
      > getting some answers and knowledge?? If you are in the group to take
      > only, do not bother posting again! Bear"

      Apparently some people are not comfortable with posting. I heard that
      public speaking is people's number one fear, ahead of death! Court
      involves both public writing AND speaking. So I think everyone should
      use the list to share whatever tips and tricks for use in the legal
      process, and try to overcome that revulsion which leads to an economy of
      keystrokes. I would think that somebody needing help would tell us
      everything that might provide a clue. I see court as only a stage in the
      proceedings, and a stage I'd rather not have to reach before I win.

      What gets me is how many off-list messages I get about list topics as if
      I have time to write the equivalent of small books explaining what I see
      as the obvious for one person at a time! I'm willing to volunteer time
      for 2500 at a time, but one on one has to be special time, of which I
      have little left that is free. I have so many real time demands here on
      the farm everyday. I read and post while eating meals usually. And
      here's my NUMBER ONE BEEF:

      When I ask a question, nobody answers it, even while asking me for
      answers. Or my question is deemed rhetorical or part of a teaching
      process. If the answer is that obvious, I wonder why I don't know it...

      Other than that I congratulate everyone for joining this list and being
      among the very small percentage of netizens who care enough about
      fighting for their rights, which is the only way they won't go extinct.

      "You know what I'm talking about,
      I've got my own life to live.
      I'm the one that's got to die
      When it's time for me to die,
      So let me live my life
      The way I want to." - Jimi Hendrix


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