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Need for Government issued ID

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  • Legalbear
    This group was talking about how to rent a car at an airport without government issued identification. Someone started writing me privately about how I got on
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2007
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      This group was talking about how to rent a car at an airport without government issued identification. Someone started writing me privately about how I got on planes without a government issued identification. Below is our conversation on that topic.


      He writes:


      Yes, if I can hire a limo, whenever a modern mode of ground movement is needed, all this documentation can be dispensed with as unnecessary. If I can get on an airplane. <sic>


      But, if I can't hire limos, if I won't agree to documentation as a U.S. citizen, modern modes of locomotion are closed to me. And I can't own any part of a vessel. If that's not a blotting out of an important right of State Citizenship, what would be? A non-resident license is the only avenue not totally shut.


      I know the executive is evading this Constitution, but there's no judicial power to interfere in these political questions, such as administration of citizenship statutes and regulations, is there ?


      I recall the case of the Chinaman who was denied admission to the United States though he was, in fact, a citizen, he was not in law, because INS on its determination turned him away.


      To which I replied:


      “I have never been refused boarding an airplane...ever! Why all this negativity? Bear”


      [Looking back on this, I see better why I commented on the “negativity”. The goal is to get on the plane and go to a destination, not to discuss how far the country has strayed from Constitutional and Common Law. The pay check anticipators at the airport do not care why your rights are violated by their actions; or, how their actions are furthering oppression.]


      He writes:


      Tell me about your last boarding and flight.


      To which I replied:


      I went on the airplane and flew to my destination without a government issued ID. Yes, it was post 9/11.


      He writes:


      How did you satisfy the ticket clerk?


      To which I replied:


      The last two times in Denver I bought the ticket online and had no luggage to check. There is a kiosk that has no line. You put the same credit card in the machine that you bought the ticket with; it recognizes the card and prints you a ticket. I went through security on the International Driver Permit with the Israel address.


      Getting on a plane in Atlanta the baggage check guy at the drop off took the ID and I presume took it to a cop. I waited there for five minutes. Finally he came back and checked my bags.


      It is not the mechanics of it that makes it work; it is my belief system. Five years ago, Jahuwah gave me a plan respecting ID and I acted on it. I have discovered that when I act on His plans they work...over...and over...and over. Get the plan from Jahuwah and work it; that is my theme.


      The other day I was doing something outside his plan and I heard Him say, "Are you going to put my plan on hold?" I stopped what I was doing immediately and got back to work on His plan. Attached is Isaiah 65; my amplified version wherein I looked up each and every word and incorporated the meanings I found there. If you will study this closely you will see the difference between me and you and maybe you will be able to correct. Bear


      He writes:


      I can't get into the federal court house without one.


      To which I replied:


      I have been to state court quite a few times since 9/11, but never federal. However, I say with confidence that if I need to go there I will either go via my ID and if necessary via court order.


      [There is a dynamic happening at the metal detector of a courthouse. The pay check anticipators that man it are trying to pick out the terrorists. They are trying to size up people by appearance, attitude, and whether or not they like them. When I have been saying, “I thank you Father that you give me favor in the sight of all who see me…” over…and over…and over, when the guard sees me I have favor with him because I have created that reality by the words I have been saying.]


      I have a prayer I say based on a combination of Scriptures you may want to start saying. It goes like this:


      “I put forth, speak, sing, study and ponder Your Word day and night. I increase in wisdom and I have favor with both Jahuwah and men.”


      If the guard likes you…you are going in! If the judge likes you…you are going in!


      He writes:


      Where did you obtain an International Driver Permit with an Israel address ?


      To which I replied:


      This question is a question dealing with mechanics. But, if you really must know, I got it from a guy that the Dept. of Commerce was successful in getting an injunction against putting him out of business. I think he moved offshore and I thought I had him located but am not sure. That permit expires in August this year but I am going in a different direction. I got a different plan if you will.


      He writes:


      How did you obtain credit to have a credit card ?


      To which I replied:


      I answered this question in previous posts. I trashed my credit on purpose. I manage a trust that gives me access to debit Visa and MasterCard. These were obtained pre-Patriot Act. Jahuwah supplied those as well. I told someone who knows how to set up trusts that I needed a credit card to do business on the net. The next thing I knew he sent me for free (a $2500 value) all of the paperwork giving me authority to set up an account as trust manager. I did the whole thing without a Social #. Today, I know how to do the same thing using a corporation instead. There is a prayer I say all the time that you might want to say yourself:


      “I thank you Father that you supply ALL my needs according to your riches and majesty in Jahushuwah ha Mashiach.”


      He writes:


      I have read that IDP are not valid unless there is an underlying license from the country of domicile. Your IDP have passed, so far. But in May, the Real ID law goes into effect and the big States are falling all over themselves to qualify.


      A permanent plan available to anyone is what is called for.


      Hope you get an answer soon.


      I don't have $2,500 for a trust. I doubt the trust would stand up to sustained attack, as none have that were done since the 20's. I don't know whose trust you are managing, who are the beneficiaries, the trustees or any of the other mechanics, but there are many. I think the States have outlawed all but statutory trusts by statutory persons. Corporations must have assets to qualify for credit. So long as I can take cash and charge up a card, it's not to me a mechanic deserving of a trust apparatus.


      To which I replied:


      What are your comments on Isaiah 65?


      Also, have you ever noticed that you dwell on the problem? All your learning gets in the way.


      The part of Isaiah 65 that I wanted this member to notice says:


      11 But you are they that abandon, leave behind, omit, relax, neglect, and put aside My Commands, Laws, Statutes, Ordinances, Judgments and Precepts; that forget my set-apart mountain [Mount Tsion where only the obedient can dwell], that set forth a legal case regarding sacred uses for the gawd of fortune, and that furnish the drink offering unto the apportioner of fate; or, that lucky number. [This member insists on using G-o-d and J-e-s-u-s in his posts and beliefs.]


      12 Therefore will I number you to a violent end, and ye shall all writhe in pain as in child birth to the slaughter: because when I recited, read aloud, proclaimed, summoned, invited, and endowed you, and you did not respond; when I orally or mentally communicated with you, you did not hear with understanding, attention or obedience; you did not learn from what I said; but you fashioned, made, accomplished, worked, and acted with disagreeable or malignant effect; you took actions that were of inferior quality; actions which gave others pain; actions that demonstrated an inability to come up to a good standard which did not benefit Me and others; actions that demonstrate a negative attitude toward Me and toward men before my mental and spiritual faculties, and you made well thought out choices; choices with eternal consequences, for that wherein I had no strong, positive attraction to.


      13 Therefore thus commands Jahuwah the Mighty Creator, Behold, my zealous ones shall devour and consume, but ye shall be voraciously hungry: behold, my zealous ones shall drink, but ye shall be thirsty: behold, my zealous ones shall rejoice, but ye shall be humiliated and embarrassed when things do not turn out as you expected:


      14 Behold, my servants shall give a ringing cry for prosperity of their mind, knowledge, thinking, reflection, and memory, but ye shall cry out for help for mental and physical pain of your mind, knowledge, thinking, reflection, and memory, and shall wail for the crushing and shattering of your spirit.


      And I think without going outside the Spirit of this passage we could add, ‘My zealous ones shall get on and off airplanes and travel wherever they desire, but you will be unable to. My zealous ones will have access to banking accounts, credit cards, and identification that I will cause to be acceptable to the world system, but you shall go without. And I, Jahuwah, will do this because My zealous ones have listened to and obeyed me as soon as I have spoken. And I do this because like Elijah and Mosheh, My zealous ones let nothing stop them from carrying out my will.’ Bear


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