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UCC post rejected

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  • Legalbear
    A group member posted the following to Tips & Tricks: Looking for a lawyer and/or paralegal to work behind the scene on a contingency for I do not wish to
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      A group member posted the following to Tips & Tricks:


      “Looking for a lawyer and/or paralegal to work behind the scene on a contingency for I do not wish to jeopardize your bar card. I have successfully placed a common law commercial lien UCC filing the federal district court voided by way of declaratory judgment. I'm looking for a strong vacate of void judgment pleading and a strong pleading to enforce and enter my confessed judgment. I have a default judgment decision rendered filed in the UCC by way of a 3 panel notary. This is for educational purposes only.”


      I rejected the post saying:


      “Why not get in touch with the people who taught you how to do the 3 panel notary? Do you not think you are capable of writing a "void judgment pleading"? The only way this group is about "UCC" is in its conventional use. Bear Tips & Tricks”


      Now that I think about it, there may only be 2-3 attorneys in the whole group. Tips & Tricks would be one of the worst places to look for an attorney and especially one to work on contingency.


      People seem to overlook that attorneys take contingency work when either there is a good chance for settlement for a substantial sum, or, there is huge money at stake that makes it worth the time, effort and expense.


      People also seem to overlook that a paralegal cannot protect their share of a settlement or judgement like an attorney can. A paralegal cannot go to court and say, ‘We had an agreement that I would practice law without a license (said tongue in cheek J) and help him/her win his case and he would give me 50% of the winnings and he has not done so.” I personally know two people that helped the widow of their friend win a $500,000 settlement on a case that no attorneys would take. The widow kept all the money including my friends’ 25% share. Attempts at collecting the percentage agreed were met with derision in the courts. The widow begged them to continue working on the case after their friend died. They did all that work for nothing.


      This is the response I got to my rejection:


      “Hi Bear,

      Thank you for rejecting this message! I have been beat up more in the last 24 hours because of it than I can ever remember.  I placed this message for a friend, I actually have nothing to do with it, he is the one who needs a lawyer or paralegal. I'm sure after I notify him of all the flack I received he will change his method of going about this procedure. I have heard absolutely nothing good about the whole procedure and that if he continues to pursue it he will end up in the gray bar hotel! I would hate to see that happen to him.


      “Thanks again, and also for your advice.”


      To which I replied, “That is one of the most positive response I have ever gotten to a rejection. J


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