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RE: fightin' words??/ I hope NOT!!

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... I ve gotten there by now after reading what you say below! ;-] ... I don t go searching trash folders everyday, because keyed messages are presorted. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2007
      > -----Original Message-----
      > To: Frog Farmer
      > Subject: Re: fightin' words??/ I hope NOT!!
      > Glad you are not mad!!!

      I've gotten there by now after reading what you say below! ;-]
      I said:
      > > I've responded to what I've received, but never got anything from
      > you
      > > "day after day" - I've been waiting for a responsive reply to my
      > last
      > > messages.<<<<<

      And you said:
      > I sent 'em , guess you never got 'em...

      I don't go searching trash folders everyday, because keyed messages are

      > >> and once again, to repeat, they steamrollered me

      You didn't try hard enough, and you told me so below, shame shame!

      > > There's only the judge, and why did you let the other guy in
      > violation of B&P 6067 speak?!<<<<
      > tried and got shut up...

      Then you will always "get shut up". There's nobody to fix that but you.
      You have to call their bluff, but not be stupid in the eyes of
      witnesses, who you have no idea are watching.

      > >> and I could
      > >> NOT say all I wanted to before they hustled me out of the
      > >> courtroom.....
      > >
      > > You just have to do it.<<<<
      > and get beat down by deputys??? no thanks!!!!

      They aren't deputies, and you were sleeping while you should have been
      informing them of EVERYTHING before the hearing commenced, how a crime
      was about to be committed, what it was, how they could recognize it, and
      to seal the courtroom and get the witnesses names either when they see
      that the crime has occurred or WHEN YOU TELL THEM IT HAS JUST OCCURRED!

      You really do not yet have The Big Picture. You are not yet "sovereign"
      because you don't even feel it. Those guys are MY men! I took control
      of the whole crew at MY raid! I'd have the whole jail working for me,
      like another of my students already has done in Richmond California! He
      had a room like a motel room with a computer and a slave to run his
      books to and from the law library! YOU need to take control, and then
      even more. Scare someone. Not with fists, but words.

      > >> or file a demurrer against
      > >> the complaint you never saw a true copy of? <<<<<,
      > >>
      > >> I didnt waive ANY rights, the deputys surrounding me said to
      > >> leave like she said or they would handcuff me and throw me in jail
      > >> again-NO THANKS!!!

      You will lose forever then. People do not always do what they say.
      Have you given me the script of your "counsel" arguments yet?

      > And If I never saw a true copy what is there to
      > >> file against????
      > >
      > > I guess you never read the code on it.<<<<<<
      > No I am not an expert on code and have a business to run so I can
      > eat....

      I thought so. Lazy. It takes no time at all to at least read it (not
      the whole freaking book, but the parts that you NEED to know about!)
      once so you become acquainted with basic concepts. It's on the net.
      I've put every necessary section into Bear's list messages some time or
      another, and I've given a direct link to the state's own website with
      all their materials. I'm sorry to report, you are too lazy to ever win
      except when the opposition tires with you. But most likely you will get
      fines and penalties and do jail time. I do none of those yet. For over
      25 years of major contacts. I don't know how to impart what you need to
      know if you are incapable of minor reading assignments.

      > >> > I said there is a doubt as to your being
      > >> > a judge -
      > >>
      > >> But not enough of it to follow simple rules to deal with
      > >> it!<<<<<
      > >>
      > >> And those simple rules would be......?????............
      > >
      > > They'd be the same ones I posted on the list about many times.
      > >
      > > Code of civil procedure 170-170.9 as appropriate. It just proves
      > > you aren't investigating disqualification.<<<<<
      > So much studying , so little time...

      No, only a page or two, most of which may not even apply to you. You
      have to rise to a certain minimum level of will power to win. This
      requires doing at least an hour (if not constant, for real winners)
      homework on your current case(s) everyday. But you could have read
      about disqualification in a few minutes, and I even posted it all on the
      list recently.

      > >> You are always saying there is no "them" , just individuals
      > >> acting together,who would I serve them on and when would I have had
      > >> time to serve them as the 15 day deadline was passed........
      > >
      > > You can serve and file in open court.<<<<
      > After the deadlines???

      Yes, because there really has been no deadline yet because there's been
      nothing real yet, but the Impossible Missions production staff is
      experienced and can get a novice to believe that all sorts of things
      have happened and are real. I advise that you search out and watch the
      original television series "Mission:Impossible" where only a few
      dedicated educated individuals were always able to fool their mark by
      allowing him to make assumptions and distracting him from the reality
      just on the other side of the curtain. Realize that you can be the mark

      > >> I had A copy in my hands and was WAVING it around in the
      > air and
      > >> saying this is only half the required oath......
      > >
      > > Did you have a bailiff look at it? Did you help him understand how
      > he
      > > was being an accomplice and how she was not a judge?<<<<
      > When they said shut up or we will arrest you??

      I'd have said, "I hear you guys are experts at Citizen's Arrests
      (because they are certainly NOT officers!) so if you want to go ahead
      and make a false arrest of me, make that a mutual citizen's arrest and
      I'll arrest you for impersonating an officer and conspiracy to defraud
      among a whole list of others. Let's go 'all-in!'" "Or you can tell me
      when it's my turn to speak at MY HEARING and I'll tell you when I'm
      finished speaking, comprende senor?!"

      > >> Maybe YOU could have had the "bailiff" seal the courtroom, I
      > >> never knew that I could do such a thing
      > >
      > > A sovereign can do anything legal.<<<<
      > never knew that sealing the court room was legal....

      Never watched "Perry Mason"?! You can seal ANY crime scene!

      > >> and not let anyone leave so you could get the
      > >> names and contact information of all the witnesses to
      > > the impersonation,
      > >> so you could subpoena them as witnesses later, or you
      > >> could let them escape.<<<<
      > >>
      > >> I was HAPPY to escape myself -He who fights and runs away ,
      > >> lives to fight another day!!!!
      > >
      > > Okay, I won't argue with you if you know what's best for you.<<<
      > Aint trying to argue...

      If you justify every error, you'll feel okay making them again.

      > >> I WAS waving her half oath and hollering about it not being a
      > >> real whole oath....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      > >
      > > You should have filed a disqualification earlier.<<<<
      > How when I didn't have her oath and did not know which judge it
      > would be that day....

      Long ago on the list I said to get them all. It might have cost 30 bux
      or so. Well worth it. You could have checked the schedule the day
      before. Did you offer to discuss her pending disqualification in her
      chambers to spare her any embarrassment? Of course there was no pending
      disqualification because you had a business to run. I guess all
      business owners will automatically lose forever!

      > >> What was available is EXACTLY what I used, if I don't know of it
      > >> then it aint available!!!!
      > >
      > > If you never read the codes, then you are right, nothing at all will
      > > ever be available for you. And you will lose like everyone
      > else.<<<<

      > Read 'em a lot but can't know 'em all yet ..how long did it take for
      > you to memorize the entire California code???

      It's painfully obvious you never read the most basic necessary parts (of
      the California constitution and Penal Code) for your own cases, as if
      you were the prosecutor trying to convict you. You never read how to
      prosecute from start to finish. It might take one evening to do it. I
      don't memorize the codes at all; I buy a cheap used paperback copy for
      around $15 in quarters. Or I read the latest versions online for free.
      Most of it will never apply to you; I might use as few as 20 pages out
      of a two inch thick book, but I always do read and mark the indexes and
      tables of contents, and dog-ear pages I've found important.

      > >
      > >> what is THAT???? (Writ of Prohibition)
      > >
      > > That's in the codes too, in line with the whole arraignment process.
      > > Do
      > > you know how to Google?
      > >
      > > I really suggest that you get your own paper copy of the Penal Code,
      > > and
      > > read it with a yellow highlighter and page marking tabs. You've
      > missed
      > > an awful lot between the complaint and sentencing.<<<<
      > Been doing that!!
      > >
      > > I gave you an example of breaking down the codes, and asked you to
      > > continue with it and got no answer. <<<<
      > I sent the answer day after day and never heard from you...email
      > problems I guess...

      Resend until I get them, labeling each one "Resend #1" "Resend #2" etc.

      I need to see what the problem is whether you care or not, if this is
      going to work...when you encounter a problem, you must fix it rather
      than ignore it. This applies generally in life.

      > >
      > > Now you say you are preparing for trial. They cannot get you there
      > > unless you waive a jury or if you fail to disqualify the juror pool.
      > > Do
      > > you know about the parts of a trial? Do you know how to question
      > > potential jurors? WHO is your counsel that you take to have them
      > deny
      > > it?<<<
      > Dont know these things yet and have been denyed effective
      > assistance
      > of counsel....

      Does the person they denied as your counsel have a name, because if you
      didn't have a live person sitting there with you, who you introduced as
      your counsel, you have NOT been "denied counsel". You are being denied
      soft treatment and any cooperation. You are failing to go for a writ of
      prohibition. You may be too late if you do not redouble all your
      efforts. And you can always take it back to arraignment, especially
      after you read all about it and realize that you haven't had one even
      yet. If you try to take it back over nine times, you'll break the
      record for around here. We've only been able to get up to nine before
      they've given up. I've never gotten to the point where I had to explain
      it to any potential jurors, that I haven't even been arraigned yet and
      that I haven't even seen the complaint! And nothing (but your
      commercial UCC business for irredeemable commercial debt paper in return
      for your life time and expended calories) is stopping you from doing all
      the things you've skipped doing so far. How many dates have you gone on
      since this started? Can't one of them help you?


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