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Is it really my position we should sue 'em?

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  • bear@freedivorceforms.net
    Recently this unsolicited plug of my webpage came to my inbox: They didn t attach after I saved the articles from his site into my docs. So my suggestion is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2007

      Recently this unsolicited plug of my webpage came to my inbox:


      “They didn't attach after I saved the articles from his site into my docs.  So my suggestion is go to www.legalbear.com  [really www.legalbears.com] or Barry Smith, he has a killer foia, unless the powers that be are attempting to thwart McDonald.  If so according to Barry Smith sue.   Make sure you browse his entire website.  Shirley”


      I wrote Shirley back to make a slight correction and said the following:


      Shirley: Thanks for plugging my website www.legalbears.com. I want to make a slight correction respecting my position. I believe that Federal Judges especially are in need of major rehabilitation. You can learn what I mean by “rehabilitation” at my webpage www.judgeonaleash.com. There is a free video there wherein I talk about how to rehabilitate a judge.


      I believe that all judges are biased against pro ses and pro pers. I believe that their bias can be proven by going through the file history of their cases. I have a strong suspicion that a review of their history will show the bias in that they never rule in favor of pro ses or pro pers against all odds. If the issue is income taxes, they never rule in favor of anyone other than the government…against all odds. I believe that a statistician can show that there are huge odds against the government being right every…single…time; or that pro ses and pro pers are wrong every…single…time.


      This is where the correction comes in. I believe we can be effective against the IRS by sending an administrative notice of intent to sue, when invited to by congress in the statutes, in the format specified by congress in the statutes; and sending that notice to whom congress specifies in the statutes within the administrative agency. I believe that the administrative agency feels pressure from both the Dept. of Justice and Congress to resolve the issues in our favor at the administrative level to avoid lawsuits. If our issues are allowed to reach the lawsuit stage, they will require an overwhelming amount of resources from both the Dept. of Justice and the IRS just to defend whether they win the case or not. The people in both agencies want to go home at 5 pm and spend time with their families like everyone else. If you go to www.irslienthumper.com about 3/5 of the way down there is a free video that talks about this and some of the success that has been had.


      Anyway, thanks for plugging my webpage, Bear


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