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    I was blessed with having discussions today with a few people I highly respect, on the same subject. I am sure I have been directed to share this information
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      I was blessed with having discussions today with a few people I highly respect, on the same subject. I am sure I have been directed to share this information with others that may understand the concept discussed.
      This world and especially this country have several jurisdiction. It seems most people get into trouble when they do not understand which jurisdiction they are in and thusly try to mix the jurisdictions. That is always a loosing proposition.
      Larry Becraft and Tom Cryer,et al, are excellent attorneys evidence by their recent wins. They are very knowledgeable in their jurisdiction, that of the court of "persons" in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
      There are other attorneys and laymen alike, some of whom are good friends of mine, that are very knowledgeable and effective for patriots in their jurisdiction,  that of the court of man and his "common law" in "these united states" and the states therein.
      Then there are others, many of whom post here, who are right in their jurisdiction, which is that of YWHW.
      Anyone that mixes the jurisdictions is wrong in the jurisdiction that is attacking them as soon as they let that jurisdiction reign over them.
      For example: If you are a Chri--an and believe in J--us you are not in YWHW's jurisdiction so don't attempt to use the Creator's doctrine to protect you (see Jim Baker). If you are a follower of Yashuha, the Son of YWHW, don't use US code to do anything other than tell the US that you are not in that jurisdiction. If you are a patriot using a SSN and getting a social security check every month, (see: Irwinn Schiff), don't attempt to argue on "no use of privileges" or "show my the law", they will just show you the contract and the cell. You can not mix jurisdictions unless you want to be considered insane. Mixing jurisdiction, to the court, is prima facie evidence of insanity.
      Be not a man of two minds, does not always mean one mind is right and one is wrong, sometimes it means both minds are wrong. It is like a Chri--ian that is also a judge trying to decide if his religion violates his job or if his job violates his religion. They are both evil and evil violates even itself. A believer in YWHW wouldn't need to have that discussion.
      I have come to understand that most people don't believe they have a choice of jurisdictions. That belief is contrary to the scriptures, learning this changed my life. YWHW has given us the authority to choose our jurisdiction and it is my firm belief we do it constantly in our thoughts and our actions. I also think the other side knows this and that is why they bribe us into their jurisdiction, away from YWHW's.
      It may even be that we are here to make such a choice. Perhaps we are allowed to decide on a permanent selection during our stay on this temporary inconvenience we call Earth. Thusly, I spend much of my time and energy attempting to inform people of their possible choices and the consequences thereof. I pray more of us make the right choice.
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