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"Taxpayer's Best Friend." Keep Your Eye on the Target

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  • Nancy and Ken
    We live in Michigan. When we went to have our utilites turned on in my son s house, a woman in the utility company became jealous of my son, (he is in his
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2007
      We live in Michigan. When we went to have our utilites turned on in my son's house, a woman in the utility company became jealous of my son, (he is in his 20's), because he had a nicer house than hers. She asked him to prove ownership, which I have never been made to show ownership in the 15 years that I have owned property here. He produced his land patent to show ownership. She didn't like it because she said that it isn't real. She wanted him to go and get a quit claim deed or another form of deed. We went down to resolve this, being the older generation, one of us was 65 years old. What happened afterwards is appauling. The 3 men, who went to straighten this out were pulled over and arrested on their way back to our house. The utility company showed up with the police and turned off our water and lights, with a 5 year old child in the house. No concern for the child's welfare. Now at that point, I am in the house with my son and 5 year old grand daughter with
      no lights and water. The police came to the front door and ordered us to come out. We have federal title 18 no trespass signs around the whole perimeter of the house. Since we knew that they had already arrested the other 3 for no reason , we refused entry. They came back with 10 - 12 cops and ran around the house shouting and yelling, we still refused entry. They left and when it got dark, they came all night long shining spot lights in the front windows to prevent us from sleeping and playing loud music. I called the sheriff and they wouldn't come to help. I called the city cops and they said they were looking for someone. And I asked why they were shining the spotlights in my front woindows and she repeated that they were looking for someone. They terrorized us for 4 days and finally on the 4 th day, they got a warrant by lieing about the fact that there was an 8 - 10 year old girl in the house with us. They know that there was never an 8 - 10 year old girl in
      the house. So we were arrested, too. We are still fighting and we will go all the way to the Supreme Court. This just happened in April of 2007. So this kind of behavior still goes on today, even after Waco and the other dates that Ron Paul mentions. My grand daughter still is so afraid of cops because of these idiots. She will never trust another cop again. We need to take control and show these "so-called" cops that this is unacceptable behavior. Nancy & Ken in Michigan

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      “Keep Your Eye on the Target”
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