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  • Richard Johnson
    On 14 May 2003, Tim Kiley wrote: I don t know anything about Oceania. This is the first time I have heard of it. Not much to tell at this point. About
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      On 14 May 2003, Tim Kiley wrote:
      " I don't know anything about Oceania.
      " This is the first time I have heard of it.

      Not much to tell at this point. About 1995 a guy named Eric Klein decided
      to promote a new "libertarian" nation built on floating platforms just over
      50 miles from Panama, on a shallow spot in the Caribbean. The project
      gained momentum and adherents for about five years. They had a web site, a
      newsgroup, and a mailing list. (I moderated the newsgroup.) About 1998
      or so they started selling flags and passports.

      About 2000 or so, Klein suddenly disappeared. Turns out he owed a lot of
      people a lot of money, and his disappearance raised the spectre that the
      whole thing was a scam and yet another chance for one person to shear some
      sheep. I personally am agnostic about it. I don't know one way or the
      other about the accusations.

      I do know that these revelations and disappearances was a kick to the groin
      of the project. For the last three years, conversation and progress has
      been sporadic. One of the prime movers went to work setting up free ports
      in Somaila. Another went ahead with his buisness of building large-area
      floating platforms, for Florida developers. A few die hards still wait for
      a crritical mass or leader to re-emerge. A few of us, in tiny groups, work
      on bootstrapping means and technology. (If you can't get 10,000 people to
      pony up $50,000 each, how do you start a self-sustaining and free country?)

      So, it's an interesting idea. More like a miscarriage than infant
      mortality. It might get restarted in some other form in the future.
      Oceanus seems both older and more stable. Have you actually used their

      Other notable "free state" projects include:

      * "The Free State Project", which is basically a bunch of people who want
      to move into a low-population state and politically take over. (I would
      call this "gulching" with a twist.)

      * Laissez Faire City is a virtual country with a virtual data haven.
      (Totally untraceable money and trading.)

      * The Freedom Ship, which is a huge ocean liner made for rich retirees and
      is not that free (or did I get two projects confused?)

      * The L5 society is still alive and kicking too.

      I'm sure others exist too, and I would welcome knowing who they are so I
      can add them to a somewhat definitive list.

      Discussing free state projects might be off-topic for this list, except for
      comparison and contrast. If you'd like to discuss any of them more, please
      contact me off-list, or get the moderator to say "OK" to the discussion.

      Live free and prosper.
      Richard Johnson richard@...
      Cuis custodiet ipsos custodes? Cui bono?
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