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    Read the Colorado Motor Vehicle Code. Even if Some one comes from Katrina, they still need to know what the statutes are they were arrested for. BTW, unless
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2007
      Read the Colorado Motor Vehicle Code.  Even if Some one comes from Katrina, they still need to know what the statutes are they were arrested for.  BTW, unless she was arrested due to some kind of accident, public nuisance she caused, or injured some one or property, it is likely she was prosecuted and sentenced under the wrong statute, and by entering the brief, since the municipality got from her what it wanted, she may be able to have the judgement vacated by simple motion, coupled with a request for expungement.  These things never go away on their own.  Whether she wants to fight or not, it will remain out there in cyberspace to haunt her for the rest of her life, no doubt. Go to altavista.com.  type in  "right to public  vehicular travel".  When you have researched that, go to Colorado supreme court cases and type in the same thing.  The light will dawn.  Use what you have found to vacate a void judgement, due to the courts subject matter jurisdiction, request an expungement of the record, and she may sleep much easier from now on.  Oh, by the way, she won't have to appear in court for that.  It may be better is she doesn't.  Just put on the title, "appearance not requested.  The DA probably will not bother with it, and therefore the judge may grant your request.  It is worth a try, and you will learn alot also. 
      Just remember, I am not an attorney, and I do not take oaths to foreign entities, (or any whatsoever).  These are just my experiences that I can speak from, therefore take it in that light,

      Lou <mt54snowgirl@...> wrote:
      I have a friend who lived in Colorado about 7 years ago.  She was arrested for a DUI, paid her fines, went to the classes, but don't think she finished her community service before she left the state.  She has just re-instated her license here in Arizona by passing the tests, but has been warned that Colorado has this on her file.  In about two weeks, the statute of limitations being 7 years will be up.  My question for any one that knows is does this action restart the clock in Colorado or will it actually end in two weeks time?  I know there is no law for a license, but she feels that it is better not to fight, but is wondering if a lawyer would be of help or is there some way to do this herself?  She has been having a real hard time fighting things since she moved here from Katrina so any help will be appreciated by myself and her.  Thanks.

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