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Fw: Terry Fesler Thrown Behind Bars

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  • Tim Kiley
    ... From: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org To: To JAILers World-Wide Undisclosed Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2003 9:26 PM Subject: Terry Fesler Thrown Behind Bars Former
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      Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2003 9:26 PM
      Subject: Terry Fesler Thrown Behind Bars

      Former Michigan JIC
      Thrown Behind Bars 
      The original Michigan JAILer-In-Chief, Terry Fesler, who has held that  position since October, 1999, was arrested on Friday, April 25th, as he arrived at the courthouse to file papers on a matter set for hearing the following Monday. The matter to be heard on Monday was regarding  corruption in the Cass County Michigan Court, and bribes paid going all the way up to ex-Governor Engler.
      JAILer Cyndi Potter, who was being personally tutored by Fesler, got in touch with us, asking for us to get this message out, and is presumably the contact person for Terry. Her email is below. 
      As JAILers, let's stir the pot for Terry and his cause.
      -Ron Branson-
      P.S. - Thanks to Jeffrey T. Kelly, jackal@..., who has assumed Terry's position as Michigan JIC.

      Michigan takes political prisoners to hide corruption in the CPS (Child Protection Services) and Court systems. .... A children's advocate, Terry Fesler, eslerf@..., from Three Rivers, Michigan has been doing an investigation for years, and was just about to blow the lid off in that state.  He has hard evidence, and had filed motions in Cass County, MI., to be heard in a hearing on Monday the 28th of April.  He went into the Cass County Courthouse to file papers on Friday, and was picked up on back child support. .... 
      A Detroit Free Press Reporter, who was at the courthouse on Monday to cover the hearing, was told by the court that Terry had canceled the hearing. This is just not true. The problem is the courts in that county don't realize how well known Terry is across the country for his work in children's rights when it comes to the abuse of CPS workers in this country. ... We understand he will be held for 90 days....
      Terry's incarceration is not about child support.  This man has court
      documents that will prove corruption in Cass County Michigan Court
      and bribes going all the way to ex-Governor Engler.  They will not shut him up without killing him, and by the way, he has had death threats. 
      This state is dirty and scummy and something needs to get done. This is a nationwide problem and we can prove it if you are willing to listen and help. 
      Nancy Luckhurst 

      Cyndi Potter
      You have described the debtor's prison scheme. Michigan is one of the leaders in that area. The main solution will be getting the taxpayers to wake up to the gross abuse of taxpayer money... to recreate debtors prison, which was abolished more than 200 years ago.

      But the prison industry makes Anderson/Enron look like a joke.... 

      Wilbur Street
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