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RE: [tips_and_tricks] county assessor

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Them ?? What is them ? Do two of them weigh twice as much as one of them ? ... 20K of value, eh? And you re trying to lower the assessment...that
    Message 1 of 3 , May 7, 2007
      emilgloden [mailto:emilfarm@...] wrote:

      > I will be going to speak with the county assessor on Friday to see
      > if they will lower them on my property.

      "Them"?? What is "them"? Do two of "them" weigh twice as much as one
      of "them"?

      > They came out and looked at the property and took off 20K of
      > assessed value and I'm going in to try and lower it some more.

      20K of value, eh? And you're trying to lower the assessment...that must
      mean it's too high right now...so, "them" must be dollars of gold,
      right? Sure, my own shack was recently "valued" at a half a million.
      Half a million what I don't know, but half a million. And no way could
      the half a million my shack's "worth" be dollars of gold. Measured in
      real dollars of silver, my shack would only go for around $48,135.
      Because of stupid Catch-22's created by Congress, it would only be
      $13,750 dollars of gold. Still, that's a great price for a shack! Hey,
      why don't people use real dollars when they do their figuring anymore?
      Their taxes would be a lot lower, and still be accurate.

      > I'm getting my paperwork and questions prepared and would appreciate
      > any input or questions you would ask about property assessments.

      Here, my neighbor had a question: "what's 'them' with the K after the
      number?" Like 500K, 48K? He knew they weren't even meant to be
      "dollars" since there was no dollar sign, or the word "dollars" on the
      assessment form. He thought it would be funny to pay his property taxes
      with beans, because people often use the word "beans" where they would
      otherwise use the word "dollars". So he took myself and two other
      witnesses (for a common law witnessing) to the assessor's office. I
      wanted to disqualify the assessor, but my friend said that would ruin
      all his fun, so I shut up and just watched.

      My friend asked the assessor what the numbers on the assessment
      corresponded to in the real world, off paper. The assessor had no
      answer! He did say, "dollars" and my friend said, "dollars of what?"
      because my friend knows that the word "dollar" is a term of measurement,
      like quart or pound or mile. The assessor didn't understand the
      question, so he said, "U.S. currency". We told him we didn't know what
      that was, but that we all knew the Federal Reserve was a private
      corporation. We also asked him if he meant "dollars" why didn't he use
      the "dollar" sign on his forms? He again had no answer, and admitted,
      "I guess I don't really know what the numbers refer to." So my friend
      said, "I think they refer to beans, and so here are my taxes in pinto
      beans, and there's more than necessary so you can keep the change. Put
      it to good use." And he accepted them. And we left, and then we knew
      my friend's taxes were paid in full, on time. And he never heard
      another thing about it.


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