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Class Action Suit

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  • Tim Kiley
    This looks really good. I have followed these CodeBusters for a few years now and they are a righteous bunch of legitimate researchers. The evidence is in and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2003
      This looks really good.  I have followed these CodeBusters for a few years now and they are a righteous bunch of legitimate researchers.
      The evidence is in and is summarized beautifully in the first few paragraphs of this message.
      You, yourself, may not have damaged, but I'll bet you know someone who has.
      Think of it- NO law requiring an American who derives all of his income from domestic sources to pay a tax on what he earned or fill out and sign a return.  I've studied it.  I have opened and read the Internal Revenue Code (Title 26 of the United States Code).  It's NOT in there.
      Think you need to pay "your share" of the tax burden?  Every penny collected in Federal income tax does nothing except pay interest on the national debt, a debt that is comprised solely of money that was created out of nothing and loaned at interest to the Federal government (loaned by the privately held Federal Reserve Banking System).
      Hope you'll continue to pass these along.  With exposure we CAN break the chains that bind us.  Can you imagine people in communities with 30% more money to spend on vital services and goods for themselves and their kids?  Can you imagine working January until May 6th every year FOR YOURSELF, instead of doing so only to "earn" your "fair share" going to pay interest of an imaginary debt?  Can you imagine goevernment running lean and smooth because it has to justify its existence to the people instead of the other way around?
      I can imagine such a country.  It's the one that our forefathers envisioned and created only 200+ years ago.
      O.K. now let's get busy!
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      Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 3:03 PM
      Subject: I know the Truth,Now what ?

           Question, are you tired of any or all of the following when dealing with 
      public servants at the IRS


      When showing the IRS Supreme court citations, statutes and regulation (The Law  itself) and it being called FRIVOLOUS!


      All the misinformation, lies and secretively coded record keeping.


      Arbitrarily being denied due process in its examination, collection and investigation "procedures"


      Threats and intimidation = YES or 
      Answers to reasonable questions = NO (Gestapo like tactics)

      Do you think our Forefathers envisioned "that" for this country? 

      Welcome to the land of secret law, where the law is convoluted and unfair, questioning the government is a crime, and "due process" consists entirely of propaganda, threats and harassments, courtesy of your "public servants".  If you think that's just fine, raise your hand...a little higher like this... 

      Crowd at Olympics 
      German citizens give the Nazi salute to Hitler during opening-day ceremonies at the 11th Olympiad in Berlin, August 1936.

      Unfortunately, many have learned the hard way that this criminal behavior and extortion cannot be negotiated with ignorant criminals that are "just following orders". Pleas and attempts at rational discussion with this ROGUE agency will rarely bring relief. The IRS FRAUD (intentional misapplication of legitimate internal revenue laws) has to be BROKEN through Massive EXPOSURE.

      The IRS won't give you justice. Only YOU can make justice happen through coming forward as a damaged party.

      We understand that most people don't want to pick a fight with an intimidating organization like the IRS.  However, WHEN (not if) a vocal minority of educated Citizens actively pick that fight armed with the TRUTH, the fraud will be doomed, and all those screaming "FRIVOLOUS" today will be saying: "What IRS?  No, I never worked for the IRS! You must have me confused with someone else". We should all do our part and look forward to that day.

      "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" 

      Unknown Author


      Apathy and ignorance have been the Problem that has brought us to this point in history. Right NOW you can actively become part of the SOLUTION.

      STEP 1:

      We invite you to join the Class Action against the IRS. First go to www.irsclassaction.com and listen to the recording. Then begin the process by clicking on the "GETTING STARTED" Tab. There is NO CHARGE for Quest members to download the TWO step administrative process complete with instructions that you can send off to attain what's legally termed as "Standing" (I've personally been damaged).

      To sign up for the IRS Class Action Program, it is a pre-requisite that you have completed, or are in progress of completing the following programs. 

      ·         PQI Foundational Education

      ·         IRS CodeBusters - Tax Freedom 101

      STEP 2:

      After you've printed and sent off the second document (30 days after the first) you may then JOIN the CLASS!!! You can Sign Up right away or wait until the second document is sent off. HELP END THE FRAUD!  Click on the "SIGN UP" tab and pay the appropriate fee for lead counsel. There is a prerequisite--your Individual Master File must be decoded, or at least be in the process of being decoded. If you haven't started that process yet, you'll want to purchase the Freedom 101 Package quickly. Go to www.irscodebusters.com and click on "Order Tax Freedom 101".  This is important because it's part of the evidence that is being brought forward with the Class Action. 



      To stop all IRS collection activity against the members of the Class for the past 10 years (Statute of Limitations).


      To expose the willful and deliberate fraud of those who claim to be acting in the name of the IRS or the United States Government, against the members of the class.


      To end the fraudulent claim by those who claim to be acting in the name of the IRS or the United States that the members of the class have any outstanding liability owed to the IRS or to the United States.


      To secure a refund if possible of all moneys wrongfully collected by those who claim to be acting in the name of the IRS or the United States for the past 10 years.


      To secure if possible a return of all property unlawfully seized by those acting in the name of the IRS or the United States in raids upon the members of the class.


      To secure if possible compensation for the Damage caused by those acting in the name of the IRS or the United States, to the rights and property of the members of the class for the past 10 years.


      To free the members of the class from the tyranny of the fraud and corruption of those who claim to be acting in the name of the IRS or the United States.


      A declaratory judgment from the proper court granting injunctive relief from ALL collection activity for all in the CLASS. A refund of all past monies fraudulently collected for the CLASS.  The proper court has no discretion to RULE differently unless their is a response from the Defendant- A response would force a few determined and educated members of the CLASS to come forward in court to represent the CLASS and as publicly as possible document the irrefutable proof of false collections without proper assessments and systemic Master File constructive fraud. 


      We will launch the class action suit along with LIVE support calls during the month of May. So don't delay.....Start with the FIRST STEP, since it is FREE for Quest members!!

       If you have any questions PLEASE contact: Paula or Connie 

        253-759-4225 9am-5pm M-F, or email  paula@...

      Class Action Site www.irsclassaction.com

      Main IRS CodeBusters Site www.irscodebusters.com   



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