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USA vs Fullerton Civil Action No.: 06-1253-T/An, SHOW CAUSE HEARING

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  • therealfreedomrox
    On March 29, 2007 the IRS using the agent of the United States, known as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the party in interest is asking Federal Court Judge
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2007
      On March 29, 2007 the IRS using the agent of the United States,
      known as "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" as the party in
      interest is asking Federal Court Judge James Todd in Jackson,
      Tennessee, to force Mrs. Fullerton, a 65 year old woman, who is
      an Independent Contracted Courier, to Show Cause why she has
      not attended a face to face IRS audit, although she has complied
      with all Form 4564 information requests by correspondence.

      That is, until the 4564's just kept on coming, and kept on coming,
      but with not a one stating a reason why, as the original 4564 did,
      which was "to verify the Standard Mileage Deduction (car/Truck).

      Mrs. Fullerton complied with that request by affidavit, records
      and correspondence. Whew! That was over with, finally....or so
      she thought. Six months later in come the 4564's again requesting
      all papers, records, books, etc, with absolutely no stated reason
      provided, nor any regulations to back it up. A simple verification
      audit had been escalated to an economic reality audit without any
      given reason, or suspicion that there was any evidence of
      unreported income.

      Mrs. Fullerton informed the alleged Revenue Agent Elizabeth A.
      Walker that she would be happy to comply, if the alleged Revenue
      Agent would please send her an unbroken chain of delegation
      orders, to wit; "demanded the Secretary of the Treasury's
      Delegation of Authority Order, and the District Director's
      Delegation of Authority Order for Mrs. Walker to issue an
      Administrative Summons, and to serve aforementioned summons.
      Respondent also demanded the experience and qualifications of
      any Agent(s) conducting or involved with this random audit, and a
      copy of the Treasury Delegation Order, along with a copy of its
      entry into the Federal Register, with OMB Number filed with the
      General Accounting Office, and a copy of its codification in the
      United States Code, conferring the authority to conduct said
      audit, and the delegation powers to the Agent, (Pocket
      Commission), conferring the authority to amend any tax return,
      issue a refund, or to assess additional taxes.

      She also wished to see a copy of the statute that gives rise to the
      alleged tax liability in the first instance as Respondent's research
      has been unable to locate said liability."

      Wow. Imagine, a 65 yr. old lady asking for such? Judging by the
      Revenue Agent's reply, Mrs. Fullerton must have just committed a
      capital crime! The alleged Revenue Agent then sent a blanket Title
      26 USC answer, with a blanket Treasury Delegation Order 4
      explanation, and again threatened to assess additional taxes where
      no evidence existed to do so. Well, that rings hollow since Mrs.
      Fullerton has thrice stated, "As far as I am concerned this audit is
      over and I demand that you prepare a final report, (assessment), at
      once based on the information submitted and to transmit it to me
      without delay." Once a taxpayer demands a final report, it is then
      incumbent upon the Revenue Agent to do so, and assess at once
      whatever the supposed tax deficiency is, and if Mrs. Fullerton
      believes it is incorrect and arbitrary, then she may appeal to the
      IRS Appeals Division.

      Well, the feisty 65 yr old simply stated that if no authorities are
      presented, then no face to face audit. It was very apparent this had
      become a test of wills. On one side, the Revenue Agent is out to
      prove her Divine Authority to force a taxpayer to do as she says,
      and not what the law requires. On the other, you have someone
      not giving in and stating that absent a showing of the authority to
      summons, and the express authority to serve an Administrative
      Summons, then Mrs. Fullerton will not honor the request.

      Mrs. Fullerton used the Shultz vs. IRS decision to force this
      Show Cause hearing, since she figured it would give her the right
      to be heard, and the alleged Revenue Agent took her up on it.

      Now, you might think this is a good thing, but it seems it is isn't.
      When Mrs. Fullerton tried to have her son present the case, since
      he has a Centralized Authorization File number issued by the IRS,
      the Judge threatened her son with reporting him to the proper
      authorities for practicing law without a license or BAR card. Gee.
      Wonder why the Judge would practice law from the bench, if he
      has no interest in the outcome of the case?

      (Aside: Under Rule 17 c FRCP, a NEXT FRIEND can represent
      another, especially a fmaily member, as long as they do not take
      any pay, do not hold out they practice law, and claim no BAR

      Simple. He does. As exposed on this website, contained within
      the 1974 Privacy Act, Publication 6372


      all US Attorneys and all Federal Judges have a secret file kept by
      the IRS and Treasury Dept. on them to use if they step out of line,
      and of course, the very fact that the Judge's violate the
      Constitution Article III, Section I, by filing a 1040 themselves,
      and thereby diminishing their own pay voluntarily, also violates
      the "Good Behavior" clause as well.

      Now, if any want the full story or the filings, including the
      jurisdictional challenge, then say so on the forum and I will post
      as much as the administrator will allow, and I will let you know
      how it goes.

      The moral of this story is a simple one. If a lady whom does not
      claim "tax protestor" status and simply that of a "tax payer" with
      50 yrs. of Returns as evidence of good faith, then what hope do
      any of the sheople have? Just as wells to fight now, or it is for a
      certainty you will later on. Do you know how to fight them? Now
      is the time to learn, just as I have had to. This is not an
      advertisement and I sell nothing.

      This is just a commentary to the wise and a little birdie in the ears
      of all the wimps hiding out and scamming others for no other
      reason than to steal their money to then stab them in the back and
      have them thrown in prison. These elements are the disinfo agents
      posing as PAY-triots, thereby outing many of the gullible of the

      The ones I speak of are the Pembina
      Nation, (of the Chippewah's? As they are the only recognized
      subjugated group of Native Americans that have Pembina in their
      Tribal designation, except the Red Rivers Tribe), and as the
      conquered, are thus subject to the Plenary Powers of Congress.

      Then of course, we have the Redemptionists, who want to play their
      rigged game, but then wind up in prison for submitting false
      security instruments, thus fraud upon the US, and only after they
      declare for the record they are the surety for these fictional
      enitites by filing a UCC-1.

      Have any of you ever thought that the magic bullet may just be, not
      in some flawed theorum? That it may be hidden right in plain sight?
      Do a little research on your own and realize that ALL OF TITLE 28
      USC is the TERRITORIAL LAW CODES or it would be unconstitutional.
      There are no Article III courts vested with jurisdiction cognizant
      of anything other than FEDERAL CITIZENS. Look up Article III,
      Section II, and find me one in TITLE 28, Sections 88-131. I dare
      you. Then when you find that Hawaii has one, then look at Article
      III, Section I and find me a Federal Judge not filing a 1040, and
      in "Good Behavior" to sit upon that Court? The Judges are
      territorial judges, and the courts are territorial courts. One
      cannot exist without the other to have any jurisdiction outside the
      federal territories established within a state of the Union, ceded
      by that state, and accepted by Congress.

      Addendum: Look up the word "congress" in the dictionary. The true
      meaning of the government corruption is found in this definiton:

      congress: coitus; sexual intercourse.

      Anyone knowledgeable and would care to share any tips with us,
      please don't be shy. Respond asap. We need all the help we can

      Oh, by the way....I am the son mentioned above.

      Freedom ROX
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