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Re: Picture of not stopping completely at a red light.

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  • tthor.geo
    One option is to Google Red Light Camera defense . A more fun option is: Issue a Subpoena for Documents and Things or a Summons for Examination of the
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2007
      One option is to Google 'Red Light Camera defense".

      A more fun option is:

      Issue a Subpoena for Documents and Things or a Summons for
      Examination of the Evidence [read your law books to find this and
      the supporting background...]

      {Make somebody from the agency responsible for mounting and
      maintaining the camera REMOVE it and its tapes/photographs and
      DELIVER it to you for examination by your 'expert' witness [hire
      an 'expert' witness to examine said camera; then make them put it
      back *in situ* and have the 'expert' examine it again ; you could
      tie up the intersection for hours....].

      Make the camera submit to Deposition (sworn testimony before a
      certified Reporter) [yes, you have to hire the Reporter]:

      "Mr. Mechanical Image-generating Machine, please state your name."

      "Explain what you were doing at the intersection of X and Y
      Streets." {Silence}

      "Describe your actions on the date of _____ " {Silence}

      "Explain how you made this photograph." {Silence}

      "We have determined that Mr. Mechanical Image-generating Machine is
      a hostile and un-cooperative witness...."

      {Do the same thing with whoever maintains the camera:

      "Mr. Mechanical Image-generating Machine Baby-Sitter, state your
      name." {Response]

      "Is this the actual physical camera which was installed and in
      operation at the intersection of X and Y Streets on [date]?"

      "Where you in actual attendance on this camera on [date]?"

      "When did you remove the purported photographs from the purported

      "How do you know the camera was working properly?"

      "How do you know that the switches activating the camera were
      working properly?"

      "What is the Standard for calibrating the switches?"

      "Where is that Standard?"

      "When was the camera last checked for timing accuracy of ALL

      "Show me the records...."

      {Have just as much fun as you can stand.... Remember that, if
      nothing else, you will have removed that camera from that
      intersection for X hours/days. AND they will probably NEVER bother
      YOU again...}

      "John Lipinski" <wbuffalo@...> wrote:
      > Looking for administrative ideas on how to respond to a suburb
      > of Dallas. They sent me a 2 page letter suggesting that I didn't
      > totally stop at a red light. They base this on a camera in the
      > intersection taking a picture.
      > There is definitely a picture of my car but no clear timing
      > if I stopped completely or not.
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