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if I were general washington

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  • kryan@gwi.net
    If I were General Washington in 2007, hearing of yet another plight, of yet another American under the threat of losing his home and possibly his life from the
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      If I were General Washington in 2007, hearing of yet another plight, of yet
      another American under the threat of losing his home and possibly his life
      from the federal swat team, financed by the people’s tax dollar, I would
      ask where are our generals of the freedom movement? For although there are
      many commentators, and a few souls trying to move through the legal system
      as some of their friends sit and rot in jail, there is still no leadership.
      I asked myself, if I were a general what would I do, to protect Ed Brown,
      citizen of the State of New Hampshire. How could I motivate an army into

      First: I would find one person in New Hampshire to say we are going to
      organize even if I have to do it myself.
      Then I would write out my plan of action beginning with identifying the
      legal eagles, lawyers, who are doing their thing to help Mr. Brown, in the
      corrupt judicial system, while encouraging them to think outside of the
      box, leaving no stone unturned, while even trying to way through the long
      and half explained ideas of the inhabitant.

      Second: I would identify people who were good writers and good PR people
      with a mission of explaining to every person living in and working in the
      town, in which Ed lives, what is happening and why.

      The people chosen or volunteering for this, would have to in a clear,
      credible voice explain why so many of us are literally up in arms about
      what is happening to Ed Brown and how it has happened to many others. Once
      the town has been educated by these teams, by talking to the churches and
      all other forums in town, including going to the people’s homes to drop off
      literature and answer questions, then I would have these PR teams start
      educating each town that border’s Ed’s town and do the same thing until the
      whole county had been covered. PR teams would be made up of people who are
      pleasant and articulate, as well as knowledgeable about Ed Brown’s
      situation and the issues in involved. They would be responsible also for
      setting up websites, press releases and talking to the media. Newsletters
      would be released weekly. They would be responsible for choosing people to
      set up a freedom library on Ed’s property that would lend books out to the
      townspeople. This PR team would encouraged the townspeople to come over to
      watch video’s on freedom issues and learn about unalienable rights as long
      as Ed is in his house and is in need of protection. These PR people would
      stress that they are peaceful and are there to support Ed’s unalienable
      rights and educate those who do not understand unalienable rights. Video’s
      being played nightly would be advertised repeatedly through Ed’s website
      and other local media and forums. There would be buffer people who would be
      professional counselors, who could listen to the townspeople with a
      professional ear, quelling any fears or diffusing any anger or hostility
      that some townspeople might have.

      Third: Now since I know who is taking care of the legal stuff and have
      people taking care of publicity and PR work, now I just have to get people
      mobilized to come to Ed’s house. I do this by securing a list of speakers,
      nationally known and inviting them, on their own dime to come speak at Ed’s
      house on their area of expertise. The list would be too long to list on
      this email but if anyone in New Hampshire or Colorado needs suggestions,
      please e-mail General Kryan and I can provide at least a hundred names and
      organizations to get you started.

      The speakers can lodge with Ed and incur no expense while at Ed’s house.
      These speakers would be booked in advanced for the next three months always
      adding to the program to make sure we always had three months of programs
      lined up on the website so that Americans could plan their vacations around
      who was speaking. These programs would be on Ed’ s Website and mirrored all
      over the net, encouraging Americans to come and spend a weekend or a week
      or their whole vacation at Ed’s house. Just by their presence, as a student
      at the liberty school of Ed Browns house, would act as a barrier against
      the Federal government. The excitement, and perhaps sometimes anger, at
      learning what they were never taught in school about our system of
      government, would raise a lot of energy. With so many people learning the
      same information, at the same time, while experiencing the wrath of the
      federal government breathing down Ed’s or Gene’s neck, would be enough
      energy to ignite a spark of anger to force hard core change in the
      government, state or federal. But if we can teach the state government to
      tell the federal government to get out of their state, that’s good too.

      The topics studied or talked about can cover anything from banking and what
      happened in the civil war and how it was escalated at the turn of the
      twentieth century and what transpired since 1913, to what are unalienable
      rights to the war in Irag, to Waco, it all can be discussed, along with the
      tax issue and Mr. Brown’s plight. But this event happening in New Hampshire
      has the extra boost of having the Free State Project, the New Hampshire
      Center for Constitutional studies, and the attempt by Ed Vieira’s to pass a
      bill for sound money could very well be the environment to light a fire
      under people to demand that the feds back off permanently. What happens in
      New Hampshire could very well be as strong as the shot fired in Lexington
      that was heard around the world at the time of the first revolutionary war

      But until someone, without a fat ego, can pick up the reigns and say we
      need a plan to organize this, it will never happen. If it is only attempted
      haphazardly by a few generous volunteers, with no written plan of battle,
      nothing will change as the Police state grows stronger and Mr Brown is
      killed or loses his property. Don’t let this happen. Someone in New
      Hampshire get out a calendar and start booking those people in weekly, and
      have Ed clean up the guest room, of his five thousand square foot house,
      and move furniture around into a seminar room! The trick is that the
      seminars must be ongoing without a break, while encouraging all Americans
      especially those in New England to make a pilgrimage to Ed’s house over the
      next three months or so

      . All you would need is one or two speakers willing to speak each week over
      the next three months, for a week or even split the week between the two of
      them. If a well-known speaker is not willing to donate such little time for
      a pivotal cause, then you know who side of the battle they are on and it is
      not the one of freedom and unalienable rights. Tell them to end the
      squabbles and just show up as scheduled and share their expertise for 4 to
      7 days. That isn’t asking much to save a man’s life if not give a chance
      for all of Americans to get back their unalienable rights and stop this
      insane police state that we now live in

      There could be more plans perhaps workshops on marksmanship with be be guns
      of, course. Ed has one hundred and ten acres. It could be a regular summer
      camp, a regular YMCA when better weather comes!

      The theme of the conference is telling the Federal Government to get the
      hell out of the State of New Hampshire and leave Ed Brown alone, or in the
      case of Colorado, to get the federal government out of Colorado and leave
      Gene alone.

      Four: I would have another team setting up a studio in a box to interview
      the speakers of the day or the week and to interview the people who have
      come to hear the speakers or attend special classes put on by local groups.

      Fifth: I would also try to book bands to come to entertain and draw more

      Six. The more Americans that came, the more I would encourage each of them
      to share their talent with others while visiting Ed’s site.

      Seven:. I would have a team of really good cooks/ caterers, because good
      food is not just nutritional its spirit lifting.

      Eight: If people are all videoed out for the evening, they could sit by
      campfires and listen to each other’s stories, networking and more
      importantly planning for their own state interventions

      Nine: I would encourage people to write books monthly and flood the market
      with what was happening. I would encourage documentaries and short films to
      be produced

      Ten” I would charge every family making the pilgrimage twenty dollars to
      help cover advertising and the general everyday expenses. This is a not a
      money making adventure, it a freedom making adventure. Those who have more
      money would be expected to give more.

      Ten: apply this strategy to every state in the union. Teach the local
      people to organize, strategize, mobilize and circle the wagons while
      telling the federal government to get the hell out of their state.

      But before any of that can be done we need a plan, on how to swiftly get
      people all over new England and America pouring into to Ed’s property on a
      daily basis, while educating the townspeople in his town and county of why
      this is so important. If you were general Washington in 2007, what would
      you do to organize, strategize, and mobilize? What would you do, those of
      you who really understand battle plans and the logistics of organizing big
      Who among you, have the confidence without the fat ego, to be generals of
      the freedom movement, telling people to stop bickering and instead pointing
      strongly in the direction they need to take to complete the plan that you
      have devised to bring back unalienable rights in America and let that start
      by circling the wagons around ED BROWN with the plans of and strategy of a
      five star general and make general Washington proud.

      Remember signage is important have it in big bold signs
      Ed Brown College of Liberty

      remember counter intelliengence

      We are not extremist. We are merely reading the law that those in power
      find in not profitable for Americans to understand. Please remember what
      Plato said. When the government is wrong, its very dangerous to be right.
      But also rememeber there is saftey in numbers. Turn Ed's house and property
      into an active college of lIberty, with the main goal of always having
      something going on so that there will always be hundreds of people there.
      Two bears killed with one stone: Ed stays alive and keeps his property and
      you educate thousands of Americans.

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      their homes, their land and their way of life. The U.S. Army is seeking
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      training facility called Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS). We are
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      need more......
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