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Keep Um' Separated

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  • cath halash
    Ahh, I got a little payback from someone who did a sneaky prosecutor thing. I had formally asked to resign a 30 + public administrator load in 11/04 when I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2007
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      Ahh, I got a little payback from someone who did a
      sneaky prosecutor thing. I had formally asked to
      resign a 30 + public administrator load in 11/04 when
      I knew I had a tumor. I had 3 families apparently
      that no amount of paper is enough. In 6/26/06, I
      asked a successor be appointed and I'd supply the
      records for the conservatorship charts. I was due to
      appear on 2/2/07 in a native american kiddie case as
      expert medical and as expert in licensing, SW,
      credentialling in our state. I helped those that
      penned the law to correct that state workers didnt'
      seem to even have a license to catch a dog, didn't
      meet court standards of expert in anything, and had no
      accredited university training, certainly not to age
      26 min. as required if you graduate hs at 18 (only
      Dougie Houser's twins separated at birth fall in that
      category). I'm on a new experimental drug that works
      and my black box is on all the time again. I had
      called in a little political intervention and made
      report to the court. I apologized that I would not be
      able to appear in person as a appointment at the
      cancer center was moved up and it was unwise to wait.
      Diagnostic Impressions, prognosis, what had happened
      agency wise to interfere with reasonable efforts,
      whole shebang. Turns out 2 charts were made---one
      with Cathleen and the correct spelling of my last name
      the other with Kathy and misspelling of my last name.
      One went up to criminal court to try to get me charged
      with a felony for criminal obstruction of
      justice---the other went down to probate family court
      and had the letter requesting successors on remaining
      3 jerry springer families. I was on a rez during the
      prev. 7 day period, one day in Chicago when the
      airport was closed down, so no time to serve and cops
      are always welcome here to serve forms. Nothing came.
      They called for me for my testimony repeatedly as I
      was led off to jail to the holding cell. Made sure I
      told them I'm IgG and IgM deficient and I'm not
      dangerous to others but they will be dangerous to
      me---can't fight off infections after chemo. I was put
      in with 2 other women on mats, 6 foot wide cell elbow
      to elbow, vomit on the floor. Not smart at all. In
      case you didn't know this, an underwire bra is a
      weapon that will be taken from you. I thought it just
      made an antennae to pick up FM radio, silly me. Friday
      afternoons is illegal motion day and they had subbed
      back the non-conflicted prosecutor, nonethewiser.
      Jurisdiction was what they were after. DNA testing,
      Paternity testing and locating the real dad was what I
      was after and a court order that someone can follow
      with people with real live college educations and a
      license. Guess that was a little too hot to handle.
      Illegal motion day Fridays has those motions held at
      1:30. The cops noticed and put the files together and
      ran them to the probate court. Charge busted down to
      contempt of court, misdeamenor. Makes me want to sign
      up for charity work again soon hardy har har. I told
      them also I have no immunity to MRSA, Staph., or
      Strep. so please don't put me with infectious people
      as I'm immunodepressed. Strep. throat hit yesterday
      and unresponsive to 2X the oral horse pills. Today,
      it's bronchitis and short of breath and change of
      antibiotics. I'll do the paperwork myself, turn it in
      and be done with asking for a successor to do it way
      back in 6/06 once and for all. Sneaky trick to try to
      keep expert witness testimony off the record. Defense
      attny tried to point out they weren't qualified but no
      expert to say what qualified is, the jury couldn't
      follow it. Anyone think this sounds like a mistrial?

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