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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Pro se Help

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  • Joey T.
    Just a suggestion. You need to file a Motion for Intervenor as a Relator on behalf of your nephew so that you can be heard on the record. You must file a
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 8, 2007
      Just a suggestion.  You need to file a Motion for Intervenor as a Relator on behalf of your nephew so that you can be heard on the record.  You must file a Notice of Special Appearance, not general, on behalf of your nephew.  If the Court does not allow you to speak, the Judge is personally liable to you with a "Tortuous Interference with a Private Contract."  It's always set for reversible error.  This is cause to Petition the next higher Court for a Petition to Set Aside and Vacate a Void Judgment.  Remember, the judge acted in his private capacity and he is not actually a judge but rather an "Administrative Law Clerk"/Judge wanta be!
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      Suggestion-- Don't forget to "Object" on all the motions that are presented to you. Have information ready to back up your objections. Better understand what "evidence" is accetable to this family court. arnie

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      I am helping my nephew with a case he has been handling pro se in familly court.

      Is a brief of an amicus curiae the proper term for document filed so that I can attend the evidentiary hearing with him or is it some other kind of motion that can be filed using the same terminology?

      This family court is not something that I have ever really dealt with before and they are fully embroiled in a case to get custody of his son. I will not relate the whole story because it is like something you might see on the Sunday night movie. Crazy, insane stuff.

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