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one supreme Court, and more...

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  • Frog Farmer
    People asked about one supreme Court and I referenced James Alan Daum. It seems that there are more than one who make sense of this. I know it takes one
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2006
      People asked about "one supreme Court" and I referenced James Alan Daum.
      It seems that there are more than one who make sense of this. I know it
      takes one with an individual mindset to comprehend how one American
      might take advantage of all three branches of the Republic
      simultaneously at all times. I was motivated to post this message by
      the following quote from a message on another list. The list is
      Constitution_Debate@yahoogroups.com, and the writer was Siegfried
      Caruthers <sjcaruthers@...>. My only comment for now follows this
      first paragraph.

      "Many have called me names or implied my thinking is silly. It still is
      the same in most details, but I have filled in more of the details of
      how the One supreme Court of the owners (Law givers---Legislatures) (of
      which I am one by adoption)should operate. Please note I have given
      paper work and notice that I am filling the position of Chief Justice of
      the supreme Court. Until that notice is acted on, then each and every
      owner hold a superior position as his own judge in any matter with a
      created person or entity. I hope the bosses have fun.

      [FF sez:] Here he refers to a specific notice, but whenever any
      necessary requirement for fulfillment of a condition goes unfulfilled,
      that condition never obtains, such as the office that attains after one
      takes and files oath and bond. In such a condition, "then each and
      every owner hold a superior position as his own [judge - or "officer"]
      in any matter with a created person or entity." Do you see the
      importance of the "created person or entity"? WHOM DO YOU permit to
      speak TO YOU while claiming to represent a created (imaginary) person or
      entity?? Hmmm? I say that any such human has to be either an officer or
      an attorney holding designated power of attorney. Can anyone please
      correct me there if I am wrong? Now back to Siegfried:

      Some side notes:

      One needs a place to start an impeachment by filing it with the Chief
      Justice of the supreme Court. If an owner get screwed now, that owner
      has to figure out how to get it done.

      I notice that some hit on the ONE and go silly. Those seem to forget
      the use of our one supreme Court fall in the same language class as the
      one catholic (universal) church. So it has a pope (we have a Chief
      Justice), but all the church buildings still are the same catholic

      I do note for this post that some have tried to claim that the county
      court is the supreme Court of record, and that just does not fly with
      me. Nor does their many claims that sheriff is highest ranking person
      in nation. That title fall to the owners, who are are also the LAW
      GIVERS. Both of the Declaration of Independence (DoI) and the
      subordinate United States Constitution (USC).

      Note: This makes the owners the judges who set as the judicial power in
      this land. That power is carried out properly when the system is
      functioning by trials before juries of owners who hear and rule on the
      matter. Until that happens, each owner is the judge of his own matters.
      The Chief Justice is mostly a head clerk of the supreme Court system.
      It is only in the case impeachment of the president that he get to be a
      judge and that only concerns a job. Plus it makes the action where the
      event occurs a open court and the congress persons can be held libel for
      their open court answers. To order the president to void the USC by an
      act of congress, could be called treason and the death penalty given.

      From the DoI:

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
      that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
      that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That
      to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
      their just powers from the consent of the governed,

      Many it is who say I did not write this or they didn't sign or agree
      with or want any part of.. The same give short shift to my being an
      owner by adoption and they really freak when I say what part I consider
      valid. I have had many say there is no way any are above the law. I do
      uphold the law as I gave it or adopted. Some of the USC is crap that
      has not been properly made by the owners. Until we get an open supreme
      Court and another owner has a matter with the jurisdiction for the
      court to hear the matter at a supreme Court trial, then I go with my
      decision. Boyd, if you are a owner, then suggest you do to.

      I also feel sorry for those who are ruled by the dead hands of the long
      ago writers, and have this law crammed down their throat. Such is not
      the purpose or intent of this law. Any who say so or that it is by this
      law we are attacking you are liers. Get rid of them if you can, you have
      my permission. I do not need that type libel concerning my DoI or the
      USC. If you do not consent, then it has to be crammed down your throat.
      Such is outside any law I adopted.


      From USC:

      To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;


      Now why can't folks understand that congress was given no power to
      estabish any court other than inferior tribunals (courts). It makes
      logical sense to me. The created persons and entities are the owners
      creations (children). One does not put the kids over the parents, or
      even the other kids. That is why the serious matters are reserved for
      the bosses to decide. All the created have a path to get bosses to
      decide if the rules are being done as the bosses gave the rules. Have
      any read the kids' story of the farm animals trying to take over and run
      the farm. If not that one, how about Adam and Eve being kicked out of
      the garden for trying to take over the owners judging. That is what the
      tree of knowledge of good and evil and trying to take over the owner's
      judging duties was about in the bible.
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