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    If you read some of Jefferson s writings, you ll find that corporations the way you are discussing them were not in the minds of the creators. In point of
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2006
      If you read some of Jefferson's writings, you'll find that corporations the way you are discussing them were not in the minds of the creators.  In point of fact, Jefferson was outraged at the very early machinations of corporate bodies to get around the law.  He was concerned that corporations would put the people into slavery--which they have essentially done. 

      The Constitution is based on common law, which is for live persons.  In order to extend the common law to corporations, it had to be subverted and statutized. 

      The federal government was supposed to be an agent for the states, and the vote for the ratification was given to the people, not to the states, per se.  In fact, if the legislatures of the states had not been running out of control, if they had been responsible, the Articles of Confederation might never have been replaced.

      At 09:03 PM 10/30/2006, Ed wrote:

      I'm confused.  The Constitution does not apply to corporations?   The documents title is said to be the constitution for the united States of America.  That does not sound like, to me, that it is for anything other than a fictitious entity, a corporation. 

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      "A government under the U.S. Constitution, to paraphrase columnist Joseph Sobran, would be a radical improvement over the one we have today.­Las Vegas Review Journal

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