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RE: [tips_and_tricks] on Oaths, oh brother

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... All this time, I ve tried to make it clear, by reference to the actual laws I was citing, that I was dealing with state actors. I m not in a federal
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 27, 2006
      Ed Siceloff wrote:

      > This is the basic scenario I was having in my mind: When they just
      > come and grab you. I like the idea of finding out about the local
      > oaths of office. This could probably include local federal officers
      > and impersonators.

      All this time, I've tried to make it clear, by reference to the actual
      laws I was citing, that I was dealing with state actors. I'm not in a
      "federal zone" so I don't expect FBI to come here. They wouldn't help
      when I called them. They wouldn't help after they let me into their
      super-secure inner bomb-proof reception area and met me personally.
      What court might they haul me into that has original jurisdiction over
      me and my activities? I'm not your average clown. I use no FRNs or
      credits. Just real property. Tons and pounds and ounces and carats and
      pallets and boxes and cases. Who can put numbers accurately
      representing dollars on those right now? I can prove that the numbers
      would have to be wrong by morning (unless the gov't abided by the lawful
      definition, fat chance!).

      > But, I know people who woke up in the morning and had 100, or so,
      > FBI
      > people on their grounds. There might be a better time than right at
      > that
      > moment of making sure they have their t's crossed and i's dotted.
      > This was
      > behind my point in surrendering to demands at any particular time when
      > their
      > violent force is more likely to be used, and not to give up ones own
      > jurisdiction. Many of the people that I've known that found
      > themselves in
      > court found themselves there after having been snatched from
      > somewhere,
      > including home turf.

      Today you can be killed by ninjas. I was robbed by people on the public
      teat, and I was left hogtied for dead. I was given a free triple skull
      fracture. If there is a next time when I am kidnapped, I will resist.
      I cannot trust anyone any longer. I know too much already and should
      have been killed already, but they know my position and we both want
      "peace". It is better for both of us to have it, as we both have other
      areas more deserving of our interests.

      > Once in court, or in the jail, subpoena oaths of everyone involved.
      > I
      > live in a different neck of the woods here in N. America but the
      > processes
      > are quite similar, and are the same federally.

      Yes, time in jail can be very productive since you have little to do but
      plan your defense. I still think it's better to have your plan
      activated prior to jail, hopefully in full play in the Initial Moment of

      > My point as to questioning (subpoenaing their necessary
      > documentation for
      > office) was not to proceed as plaintiff or defendant, they'd already
      > have
      > you named as defendant in the particular case. I think that one would
      > file
      > a counter complaint, or tort, immediately, against all those who are
      > not
      > really officers involved in one's being arrested falsely, including
      > the
      > present dude sitting as a judge if his/her oath was not on the record.

      I think that would be a grant of jurisdiction to a court that didn't
      have it beforehand. I deny jurisdiction at each and every opportunity
      that I can identify.

      > But, I've not been there/done that. I do want to find out before it
      > could
      > happen. I don't plan on it happening either. Sort of don't want to
      > bring it on.

      Does one bring on the weather? We live in a planned chaos. I think
      that there is always a "next time" every time I win one. Can winning be
      as easy as wearing a raincoat on a cloudy day?

      > What is the 6067 certificate in California?

      Business & Professions Code, applicable to attorneys, contains a
      requirement I've yet to see fulfilled. I don't waive my right to
      enforce the requirement, even though almost all others I have seen have
      decided to waive it.

      Ask and Google will provide.


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